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  • One of the all time greats!

    Amy Grant is awesome I think as she has the voice of an angel. That you would love to sing that way like her. As she balances the role of not just a singer. But wife and mother. Also gives her time to charities for children as well. And her husband, Vince Young, ain't all that bad either. She really became a fan of mine since 1991. As a teenager of the 80's and early 90's. With the pop hit "Baby, Baby!" But she never strayed away from her Christian roots, always stayin true. Keep up the good work Amy and Vince. As I admire you both for all that you both do.
  • I grew up listening to Amy Grant. She has such an amazing voice and is such a phenomenal person!

    Amy Grant has such an amazing voice and is such a phenomenal person! I grew up listening to her. (Actually, she was practically all I listened to when I was little. XD But I didn't care. She was amazing, and I absolutely adored her songs. In fact, she still is, and I still do. :) ) Amy Grant is definately one of the all-time greatest Christian artists. (One of the all-time greatest singers too.) She is such a beautiful person inside and out. Amy loves God soooooo much and honors Him by helping those less fortunate. (i.e Three Wishes) And she truly cares about all the people that she helps (has helped). She also expresses her devotion and tries to help others find God through her amazing and heart-written lyrics. Amy Grant is just an all-around great person. To put it simply, she's the best. 8)
  • I have admired Amy Grant since I was 13yrs old. Its cool to see Amy Grant on tv on a Reg. basis you are an inspirtation and three wishes is a true ministriy. It may be a show sort of like that show that build houses. but your doing much more

    Amy, one of my fav. songs is fathers eyes,
    my husband & and first song when we met and at our wedding was good for me baby!
    To see you on tv. Is great!
    I am 37yrs .Your music takes me back to when I young. Tamara

    with all my love
  • Love her!!

    Amy Grant is amazing. She is a fantastic singer AND is very caring about people that are
    as fortunate as others. Watch Three Wishes if you do not believe me. She is very active in the world, and her singing is amazing. She may be divorced but that obviously does not let it affect her career. Instead she helps others, and it pays off. If you have not heard Amy Grant yet you should, support her career. She does not spend all of her money on clothes, she helps others. I know I keep saying that she helps everyone a lot, but I just want to make sure you understand.
  • A superstar

    Amy Grant is a mega-star in the music business. She started out in Contemporary Christian Music with her first album at 17 years old. After many hits and awards she eased into the Top 40 type pop music and got more hits and awards. Now she is taking over the TV business. She handles the hosting on “Three Wishes” with great skill and shows genuine concern for people they are helping. As long as she keeps a guitar around as her prop, instead of a bullhorn, I think she should do quite well. The hosts of many of these shows are interchangeable, self-important people. It’s nice to see someone that people actually want to see hosting one of these shows.