Amy Jo Johnson

Amy Jo Johnson


10/6/1970, Cape Cod, Massachusetts (USA)

Birth Name

Amy Jo Johnson



Also Known As

A.J. Johnson
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Amy Jo Johnson was born in Cape Cod, Massachusetts on October 6, 1970. As a young small-town girl she wanted to be a gymnast. She started at the age of seven and developed to high national standard, competing all over US and also in Europe. She aimed at…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • okay so Amy was the one and only Pink Ranger and will always be know as the pink power ranger. but to me she is know as amy jo johnson the singer/ power ranger.moreless

    okay so amy jo johnson to me is known as Amy Jo Johnson the singer and pink power ranger. But evev though she said she would never be able to live down as being the pink power ranger everyone that watched MMPR knows that she is wat brought the style to the show. And when her friend died (thuy Trang) she was there for her funeral with her other 3 cast mates (austin, david, and walter.) unfortunitly Jason David Frank could not be there for he has to go to his brothers funeral that same year. But what im trying to say is that Amy you will be know for more then just power rangers and i lvoe your music. You Rock Amy.moreless
  • A pink ranger.

    It is refreshing to see someone like Amy Jo Johnson shed the power ranger ilk. She now is in a modern day show that helps her showcase her acting instead of her gymnastics and fighting. I remember watching her on Power Rangers and I have to say she wasn't a bad actress then and is definately not now. I think she almost looks the same as well as acts the same way, but she has aged a bit. Nonetheless, she has managed to revive her acting career and has done well so far on the show. Overall, I'd say that is good. Thank you.moreless