Amy Jo Johnson





10/6/1970 , Cape Cod, Massachusetts (USA)

Birth Name

Amy Jo Johnson




Amy Jo Johnson was born in Cape Cod, Massachusetts on October 6, 1970. As a young small-town girl she wanted to be a gymnast. She started at the age of seven and developed to high national standard, competing all over US and also in Europe. She aimed at the Olympics, but when she chipped a bone in her elbow she had to give up that dream at the age of 17. She started concentrating on acting and became a familiar face in community theater projects. She graduated from Dennis-Yarmouth Regional High School, South Yarmouth, Massachusetts, and headed for New York pursuing her new dream.

Amy spent two years in New York studying at Lee Strasberg Theater Institute and the American Musical Dramatic Academy. As it turned out her gymnastic skills would come to great use also in her pursuit for an acting career.
The producers of the upcoming TV show Power Rangers were looking to recruit the role of Kimberly Ann Hart, the Pink Ranger, on the first installment of the series, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, and were looking for someone with gymnastic ability. Amy was casted and she moved to California. This role became her big breakthrough, as the show went on to become an unexpectedly huge success. It still ranks as her most notable role, and to this day Kimberly is still a fan favorite of fans, and considered one of the best characters of the show.

After filming 137 episodes and a movie as the Pink Ranger from 1993 to 1995 (the longest tenure of a female ranger), she left the show and went on to do various movies, theater roles and tv-show guest star appearances. She briefly reprized her role as Kimberly Hart in 1997 for the second Power Rangers movie, Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie. In 1998 she was casted in her second most notable role, as Julie Emrick on Felicity. A role she almost turned down because she wanted to spend time with her mother, on her last days fighting uterine cancer. Amy later cited the main reason she left Felicity after two and a half years, was because she wanted to grieve her mothers death two years earlier. Grieving her mother properly was something Amy found difficult to manage as part of such a high profiled show.

Amy spent the next years doing various work. She pursued her music, painted and did various smaller acting parts. Her music was something she brought to an audience during her time on Felicity. Her character was originally written as a dancer, but Amy convinced them to change it into singer/songwriter. In 2001 she released her first album The Trans-American Treatment, and performed live in the Los Angeles area alongside The Amy Jo Johnson Band. She later went on to do solo performances, and in 2005 she released her second album Imperfect.

From 2004 she again appeared in tv-shows as a recurring cast member on The Division and Wildfire, and in various movies and guest star appearances.

In 2008 she released singles Dancing In-Between and Since You're Gone. She was also in 2008 casted as Julianne Callaghan, one of the leading stars on Flashpoint. In December 2008 Amy gave birth to her first child, a daugher.