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  • okay so Amy was the one and only Pink Ranger and will always be know as the pink power ranger. but to me she is know as amy jo johnson the singer/ power ranger.

    okay so amy jo johnson to me is known as Amy Jo Johnson the singer and pink power ranger. But evev though she said she would never be able to live down as being the pink power ranger everyone that watched MMPR knows that she is wat brought the style to the show. And when her friend died (thuy Trang) she was there for her funeral with her other 3 cast mates (austin, david, and walter.) unfortunitly Jason David Frank could not be there for he has to go to his brothers funeral that same year. But what im trying to say is that Amy you will be know for more then just power rangers and i lvoe your music. You Rock Amy.
  • A pink ranger.

    It is refreshing to see someone like Amy Jo Johnson shed the power ranger ilk. She now is in a modern day show that helps her showcase her acting instead of her gymnastics and fighting. I remember watching her on Power Rangers and I have to say she wasn't a bad actress then and is definately not now. I think she almost looks the same as well as acts the same way, but she has aged a bit. Nonetheless, she has managed to revive her acting career and has done well so far on the show. Overall, I'd say that is good. Thank you.
  • A Woman of many talents, she brings class to any project she's involved with.

    To me, Amy Jo Johnson has always been given less credit than she deserved because she was in the Power Rangers. I've always thought she was the only one in that show that really was worth watching. Then again, I thought the same thing about her on Felicity too. If it hadn't been for Amy, I wouldn't have bothered watching that show either. She should have been given the lead role on that. She's far better than Keri Russell ever was. Her depth was clear in the two-part episode in which she was raped, and again in the made-for-television movie "Perfect Body", in which she portrayed a gymnast who was very close to destroying her body because of the emphasis the sport places on being thin. It was a wake-up call to the dangers involved, but I wonder how many payed attention.
    She is also a very talented musician, though once again, very underrated. She's even put out a couple cds if I'm not mistaken, proving once again there are more sides to her than she's given credit for. Not to mention, she was born in my own home state, so she's gotta be better than average, anyway, right?
  • she is my favorite actress

    when i saw little when the real power rangers air i love this show because she in it and she my favorite actress and she hot and pretty and power rangers in my time were good and good acting and good story and story line this show i never miss. i saw her Susie Q that when my last time i saw her. so was she in the any of the new ones does any one watch this show now or u guys all stop because the old power rangers are gone
  • Amy is Georgous

    I didn't watch Amy Jo Johnson on Power Ranger TV show. I can remember, I couldn't sit though five minutes of the show and once more, Amy Jo Johnson is wearing a mask most of the time. But I did catch her on "Felicity" and she is gorgous. I got pictures of her a home and she is beautiful. Now today, Amy Jo Johnson doesn't need the suceess of Power Rangers to boost her career, I'm in love with this former Power Ranger star and I don't care. She is very hot and she doesn't have to wear a mask. Her beauty is all right with me.
  • True love the idealistic daydream

    Okay so like everyone who's ever heard of Amy I discovered her when I was child and totally in love with Power Rangers were she played the very first Pink Ranger, Kimberly.

    After her departure from the show (which I hadn't seen at the time) I saw a couple of movies she had done one involving her being a gymnest with an eating disorder. The second was called "Sweetwater" about a 60's band that disappeared. It was the first time I had ever heard her sing and was surprised at how good she was.

    Then one day I decided to search her on kazaa and besides all the fake porn I came across (but never downloaded) was a song called "Puddle of Grace" sung by Amy from the Felcity soundtrack. I fell in love with it.

    Now recently I have started searching for songs again and ended up downloading the entirity of her first album (The Tran American Treatment)! As well as one song from her second live album (Imperfect) and two from the sweatwater soundtrack. I loved every single one. She is a brilant lyric writer. I seriously suggest everyone check her out.

    And now I leave you with some song lines:

    "my life is a tangled web
    not a tangible thing to hold"
    "I saw a raven of fear
    that the forest will betray"
    - Fairway

    "If you fall down and die
    you'll be a star in the sky"
    "and all the gods are having a ball
    I'll be attending it all"
    - Splashin' Rain

    "Be careful of your ego my friend
    I feel it's your worse disease."
    - Simple Man

    "Don't be sad if tomorrow becomes yesterday
    and the candle still wishes for the dream."
    - Purple Skies

    "All the dandelion seeds fly away."
    - Panic

    "so I ask forgiveness
    and pray revolution
    will steal her soul away"
    - Cat in the Snow

    "Don't ever mistake my patience for being to kind.
    Don't ever mistake my solitude for having a good time."
    "Deliverance is just tangled up misfits in my head."
    - Little Bit

    "oh, god you were my James Dean
    and I was your dream"
    - Crazier than You

    "true love the idealistic daydream
    close my eyes cause it's only when I'm asleep
    lay me down idealistic daydream
    forever counting your sheep
    I just want to go back to"
    - Counting Sheep

    "he chases the snow while I chase my dreams"
    - Goodbye
  • I love amy jo!!!!

    I loved her since power rangers and followed her since. She's diffinity the most popular female to be casted in power rangers and one of the few who really got somewhere with their film career. There's no other way to describe her other than awesome!! I also love her second cd, she has a lovely voice and I can't wait to see what more she does for both in the future.
  • I absolutely LOVED the Pink Ranger when I was younger-- I think a lot of us can relate to wanting to become her. I thought Amy was the most beautiful girl in the world :-D. Susie Q made me cry-- anybody else feel that effect?...

    I absolutely LOVED the Pink Ranger when I was younger-- I think a lot of us can relate to wanting to become her. I thought Amy was the most beautiful girl in the world :-D. Susie Q made me cry-- did that movie have that kind of effect on any one else? Although it mattered little when I was younger, upon rewatching some of her work now, she really is an outstanding actress. With all the Hillary Duffs and Lindsay Lohans running around, it\'s refreshing to see a girl who acted beautifully when she was younger. I believe she\'s approximately 35 right now-- I hope to see her take on some mature roles. I\'m sure she is still up to par with actresses like Gweneth Paltrow and Catherine Zeta Jones-- if only given a chance.
    *I\'m sure that this review will spark fury with people who love the aforementioned Oscar winners, and I\'d like to say that I am well aware her Power Rangers work was not as stunning as Paltrow\'s and Jones\' in Shakespeare in Love and Chicago, respectively. I\'m only saying that I\'m sure if Johnson was given the chance to do a mature, beautiful role, she would handle it excellently.*