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  • Who?

    Okay, I think I remember her, but not so much, who is she? I watched all this season, but can't really remember her. Sorry if you think this review is dumb, i'm just commenting on all of the american idol contestants. so, i'm sure it's going to be really dumb, but just keep what i just said in mind. so, this girl was an okay singer, but i already forgot her. 23rd place in american idol, good job! i don't know, this girl is pretty, but i already forgotr who she was and she was on this season! Whatever, that's just how it is.
  • Here we have an average tiny star

    Amy Krebs is a good singer who people can never really find interesting. She isn't the best, but no doubt she has a significant amount of talent. If she offered to sing in a party of mine for $30. I'd take her for sure. A little more and maybe. I truely can not find anything wrong with her. Sure, she doesn't stand out in singing, but she is very talented and I can't find anything negative about her. She is also very good looking that is a plus to someone who performs and entertains for their passion. She should really continue on this singing thing.