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Amy Lee

Amy Lee


12/13/1981, Riverside, California

Birth Name

Amy Lynn Lee



Also Known As

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Amy Lynn Lee is an American singer and songwriter. She founded the band Evanescence with Ben Moody when they met at a youth camp. Ben met Amy playing Meat Loaf's "I Would Do Anything for Love" on the piano, where he eventually convinced Amy Lee to form a…more


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  • She is simply amazing.

    Amy Lee is simply amazing. She is great singer and songwriter and an amazing performer. I have seen her perform with Evanescence and it was the best. As I write this review I am listening to the song "Like You" of their latest album and the song is so good and so sad, I can just feel her pain. I don´t understand how she can write so many amazing songs. I love every one of Evanescence song and I listen to them all the time. However there a few songs I love more than the others and those are: "Like You", "Hello", "Farther Away"," My Immortal" and "Bring Me To Life". I listen to those song most of all.

    As I was saying she is simply amazing.moreless
  • She is AMAZING! Super talented.

    Amy Lee is such a beautiful vocalist and pianist to me. She is the lead singer for the superb band Evanescence. It seems that her childhood in classical piano has let her grow into the singer she is now. Her songs really help me out when I'm down, mainly My Immortal, Bring Me To Life, and Call Me When You're Sober. It's like, even her accoustic performances are just as good as her recorded songs, which means she has real talent. I don't like it when people compare her to other singers from other bands, because Amy is in her own special category. I hope she never stops rocking on, cuz she's perfect!moreless