Amy Madigan





9/11/1950 , Chicago, Illinois, USA

Birth Name




Amy Madigan was born September 11, 1950, in Chicago, Illinois. Madigan graduated from Aquinas High School, where she often performed in school plays, and later went on to earn a philosophy degree from Marquette University. Before becoming an actress, Madigan played piano and sang for several rock bands including Big Daddy. Although considered a tomboy in high school by her classmates, Madigan shed her clothes and covered herself with jelly for Playboy magazine in the 1970s. She did this to promote a band she created called Jelly. She married Ed Harris on November 21, 1983, and the couple have one child together. She is best known for her performances in the film Field of Dreams, and the HBO series Carnivale. For her performance in the film Twice in a Lifetime, Madigan earned, but did not win, an Academy Award and Golden Globe nomination. However, Madigan did win a Drama Logue Award for her part in the play Stevie Wants To Play The Blues.

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