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Amy Palant is an voice actress who works on the properties of 4Kids Entertainment. Her most well know works are of the voices of Millie on "Shaman King", Tails on "Sonic X" and Dorie on "Magical DoReMi."


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  • A good 4Kids actor who voices for young female charactors.

    I think Amy Palant is one of 4Kids' best voice actors for young female charactors. I mainly like her as the voice of Doremi (re-named Dory) in 'Ojamajo Doremi' (re-named 'Magical DoReMi'). I think her voice for Doremi fits very well and sounds very good even compared to her original voice. She sounds very cute and she sounds the way that young female charactors are meant to sound (especially compared to Rebecca Honig as Cream in 'Sonic X' and the newer Sonic games). She was one of the best choices for Doremi's voice in the dub. The only role she's bad with is Tails in 'Sonic X' and the newer Sonic games because Tails is a little boy Fox and her voice only suits young female charactors, not boys. I think that voice should have went to Amy Rose instead, not because she has the same name as the charactor, because it sounds more like her original Japanese voice and Lisa Ortiz isn't really that great with Amy Rose (not one of the best choices at least).moreless
  • Pretty good with Tails

    She's pretty good with Tails, better than the other voices, but Tails voice should sound more like his gender. William Corkery makes Tails seem younger than he's supposed to be. Amy Palant did a better job, but it's not perfect. I hope Sega chooses between Amy Palant or a different voice actor who doesn't make Tails sound too childish, nor too girly.