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  • A good 4Kids actor who voices for young female charactors.

    I think Amy Palant is one of 4Kids' best voice actors for young female charactors. I mainly like her as the voice of Doremi (re-named Dory) in 'Ojamajo Doremi' (re-named 'Magical DoReMi'). I think her voice for Doremi fits very well and sounds very good even compared to her original voice. She sounds very cute and she sounds the way that young female charactors are meant to sound (especially compared to Rebecca Honig as Cream in 'Sonic X' and the newer Sonic games). She was one of the best choices for Doremi's voice in the dub. The only role she's bad with is Tails in 'Sonic X' and the newer Sonic games because Tails is a little boy Fox and her voice only suits young female charactors, not boys. I think that voice should have went to Amy Rose instead, not because she has the same name as the charactor, because it sounds more like her original Japanese voice and Lisa Ortiz isn't really that great with Amy Rose (not one of the best choices at least).
  • Pretty good with Tails

    She's pretty good with Tails, better than the other voices, but Tails voice should sound more like his gender. William Corkery makes Tails seem younger than he's supposed to be. Amy Palant did a better job, but it's not perfect. I hope Sega chooses between Amy Palant or a different voice actor who doesn't make Tails sound too childish, nor too girly.
  • One thing i can say i cannot stand her.

    God,why is she even a voice actor she makes characters sound like babies especially Tails god his voice gets on my nerves and so does this voice actor i cannot stand hearing that high pitched voice she does terrible dubbing she also voices the main character in that girl show Magical DoreMi probably that sucks as well yes she is famous for playing Tails but she makes him sound too girly this actor is so idiotic i'll blow my head up next time i hear that stupid voice what Amy Palant does for Tails my head is going to blow up.
  • Not bad, but can't lay a finger on the older voices

    Personally, I believe that Amy Palent is okay, but that's it. She was one of the 4kids voice actors which I could tolerate unlike some of the others. Although she did an okay job and I didn't mind her, she did sound a little too much like a girl. I think that the Sonic Heroes and the SA Tails voices were better. I like it more when a boy does Tails' voice for several reasons.

    Not a terrible voice actor, but Tails sounded too girly.
  • Pretty good voice acting on Tails.

    Wow, Amy Palant sure is talented when it comes to voicing on anime shows. When she voices as Tails, she does a pretty good job as well, but I think William Corkery does better. A lot of people think that when she voices as Tails, she makes him sound like a little girl instead of a kid. In my opinion, she voices him pretty well, and she has a good tone on Tails' voice. But there are times when he actually does sound like a girl and the voice gets out of control, but it's easier said than done. I know how it is when someone has to voice for a character that's the opposite gender of themselves. It's not easy for a guy to voice a girl, or for a girl to voice a guy.
  • She voices Miles "Tails" Prower on Sonic X, Shadow the Hedgehog, Sonic Rush, and Sonic Riders.

    Amy Palant is an amazing actress. She is currently voicing Tails on Sonic X. Here character, Tails, is a two-tailed fox that can use his tails to fly. His hero is Sonic and they are the best of friends. Whereever Sonic is, Tails is sure to be with him. Amy Palant is amazing.
  • Great voice actress for Dorie on Magical DoReMi but not so much for Tails on Sonic X and the current games.

    I have listened to scenes from Ojamajo Doremi and think the Amy Palant is a great voice for Dorie on the English dub, she adds in a lot of charm for her on this show, and that's basicly all I have to say about that.

    Tails however, she does do a bad job on him, sadly now that she voices him, Tails has lost the childish charm in his voice that made him known as the kid he is. So I would prefer William Corkery (Voice of Tails in Sonic Heroes and all games before 4Kids take over) over her for Tails but I would especially prefer Corey Bringas (Tails' original game voice).

    I think this voice actress has talent, and does some characters nicely but is not appropriate for the roles of some of the characters she currently does.