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  • Amy, you are freaking COOL.

    I have been a longtime viewer of "Saturday Night Live", and I may honestly say that Amy Poehler is one my all-time favorite performers. Unlike many actresses, Amy possesses an innate ability to make people laugh. When she appears on "SNL", I sit up and pay closer attention to her than I do to some of the people who've been guest hosts. One of my favorite characters she's played is Caitlin (did I spell the name right?), the hyper little girl. I absolutely crack up when I see her as Caitlin, and I wish they'd have more sketches with her. I may be the only person to say this, but if you watch Amy on "SNL", she sometimes gets this devilish twinkle in her eyes which I find endearing. I wish her well always, and hope she will be around a long time!
  • Not that funny.

    I will admit that she was kind of funny on SNL. I actually thought that she should have stayed on the show for life because I thought she wouldn't be able to last outside of the show. I think I am right. Outside of SNL, she is not even close to being funny. Plenty of humor that she emulates is forced and seems to predictable. I have always wondered why so many people think she is funny when I can't see anything that they see. Overall, not a funny person unless she is on SNL. I guess that is the point. Thank you.
  • Amy is an original who will be around for a very very long time, no doubt.

    Amy is the most hilarious person I\'ve ever seen. Her comedy is very unique - there is no one else like her! She seems to do amazingly well with characters and plays an incredible range of characters seamlessly. I have been a huge fan of Amy\'s ever since I first saw her with the Upright Citizens Brigade. She is absolutely amazing. I love love love seeing her on SNL every week, and though I\'ll be sad the day she leaves the show, the girl is going to go on to do BIG things because she\'s awesome and talented and works hard and she is beautiful and sweet and a rebel. There is definitely no one like her, she ROCKS!
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    Amy Poehler is one of the most talented (and popular) female cast members of "Saturday Night Live" in recent times. Yes, she is hilarious, but I'd really like to see her pull off some different types of roles.
  • What to say

    Amy Poehler, - Amy is a comedian best known for her crazy upbeat humor. I first heard of her when she was on SNL. Not my favorite on the show. She bothered me with her domination of the show, appearing in every sketch. But after she left, she left strong memory. She start with the UCB and contineued on to become a succesfull person in the workforce known as hollywood. Being in films such as, Mean Girls and Baby Mama. Amy left SNL to star in a new show called Parks and Recreation. A show the reminds us why we enjoy her talen. Time will tell what will happen. Over the years my viewpoint of her has changed.