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  • Amy, you are freaking COOL.

    I have been a longtime viewer of "Saturday Night Live", and I may honestly say that Amy Poehler is one my all-time favorite performers. Unlike many actresses, Amy possesses an innate ability to make people laugh. When she appears on "SNL", I sit up and pay closer attention to her than I do to some of the people who've been guest hosts. One of my favorite characters she's played is Caitlin (did I spell the name right?), the hyper little girl. I absolutely crack up when I see her as Caitlin, and I wish they'd have more sketches with her. I may be the only person to say this, but if you watch Amy on "SNL", she sometimes gets this devilish twinkle in her eyes which I find endearing. I wish her well always, and hope she will be around a long time!