Amyas Godfrey





9/29/1975 , Lima, Peru

Birth Name

Amyas Godfrey




Amyas Godfrey is a Canadian actor most notably on the television series You Can't Do That On Television. As his first name is not common his cast-mates have used two different pronunciations. It is presumed the proper pronunciation of his first name is Am-e-as, as mentioned by his older brother Matthew. Although many people have pronounced the name Amy-as.

Amyas is one of three actors to return to You Can't Do That on Television after the show was on hiatus in 1988. He was on the show from 1986 to 1989, respectively. Amyas made his first appearance on the Season 7 season premiere episode entitled "Fairy Tales, Myths, and Legends". His character's primary purpose was to serve as a foil to his "know-it-all" older brother Matthew. When he first started on the show other cast-mates would refer to him as "little", due to his young age. When the show returned in 1989 (after a one year hiatus) the running gag became despite his seniority in the cast he would lose out on the opportunity to introduce the show. Amyas would normally delight in tricking his brother into saying "I don't know" the trigger words used to drop the slime.