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    • Ana: I want to make sure that I have at least three kids. Even if I don't give birth to all of them. Adoption, natural -– everything is up in the air!

    • Ana: (On Ugly Betty's Golden Globe for Outstanding Comedy win in 2007) The producers had a separate party aside from all of the regular parties. We had to be at work at 6:30 the next morning, so we went back to work right away. It was funny to see all of us on the set the next day completely dazed. Most of us had lost our voices from screaming so much. I think we're still relishing it, it's sort of coming in waves.

    • Ana: (To the fans of Ugly Betty) Thank you so much for proving that taking a risk with TV programming is worth it and that the heroine of a show doesn't have to be this cookie-cutter stick figure. The people have really proved to all of the executives that people are ready to be moved and touched and real and honest. Thank you because without people watching the show, we would be nowhere.

    • Ana: What's so funny about America [Ferrera] is that it's not really practical jokes, it's that we get so into it, half the time the scene will be over, but we'll continue on in our own sort of improv. We've grown extremely close, really having that sisterly relationship. I think everyone does that and it's wonderful when you don't have a director who will yell cut because they're able to find all this other stuff. She'll spring something on you that's not in the scene and you can either go with that or not. Luckily, everyone I've seen goes with it.

    • Ana: (On her audition for Ugly Betty) The audition called for her to be married, pregnant, not living with the family and looking for a minivan. She was a completely, completely different character. I went in there sassy, I had these hot pink shoes on - this was how I saw Hilda. I wasn't going to do in there with a pregnant suit on, so I just did my thing and then it turned out that Hilda developed into a different character with the same essence of family, family, family. I can't get over how well this show is cast, from top to bottom. Everyone sits so well in their parts. It's so wonderful to be a part of it. We're all just flinging for the fences, the bar is raised so high by America [Ferrera].

    • Ana: (On which role she thinks molded her as an actor) I think any theater role I've had has been the biggest learning experience for me. On TV, you don't get to delve into a character because it's a guest spot or the series is short-lived. Hilda is the first experience of really getting into somebody. I did a play in New York with a theater company I'm a member of called Labyrinth and the play was In Arabia, We'd All be Kings. Philip Seymour Hoffman directed it and it was one of the most amazing experiences I've ever had in my life. It turned me into an actor just to see the way Philip worked and the way we all worked as a theater company. It was what I think made it all possible for me, I knew I could do this and I'm good at it. That is probably what kicked it off. I've been doing theater forever.

    • Ana: (When asked if she always wanted to act) If you ask my mother, it was always. I took ballet for eight years, which was my first experience. Once I went on Pointe and my toes started bleeding through my shoes, I decided hey, I can sing, that would be much more fun! I guess I didn't have the passion for it that you need, so I moved onto singing and it progressed to acting. I've been blessed to be able to do it. I have a great, fantastic supportive family that never discouraged me from it. Although, up until about a month ago, my mother was sending me grad school applications.

    • Ana: (After getting the role of Det. Ramirez in the animated movie Batman: Gotham Knight when she lost out for the same role in The Dark Knight) I audition for so many things, it all just sort of rolls off your back. But I was glad that I got to play her one way or the other. And I get to put my own spin on it.

    • Ana: (On the second season of Ugly Betty which premiered shortly after she got married) All that sort of huge emotion of me being married and that commitment and whole new chapter in my life - Hilda's going through the same thing, only on the yang side of it.

    • Ana: (On attending the Alzheimer's Association's 16th-annual "A Night at Sardi's" fund-raiser) Tony Plana's mother is afflicted with Alzheimer's, so when he asked us to do this we jumped at the chance to honor her. It's for a great cause. It's a wonderful thing.

    • Ana: (about eating smart) I changed my diet after I hit 30. I couldn't eat pizza at 1 in the morning.