Anchal Joseph

Anchal Joseph


1/3/1987, New Delhi, India

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Anchal Joseph


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Anchal Joseph was born the 3 of January in 1987 in New Delhi, India, but she moved to Florida when she was 6 years old. She tried out for Cycle 7 of America's Next Top Model when she was 19, and was eliminated seventh. After the show, she…more


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    • (about Tyra saying her problem was lack of commitment)
      Anchal: I do have commitment. I want to do this. I think she was halfway right and halfway wrong. I want to do this and she doesnŒt know what is going through my head and the only fault on my behalf was that I didnŒt come out of my shell. It wasnŒt my commitment; it was my shyness that got to me.

    • Anchal: After the giant photo shoot, I was like, "I can do this, I can do this." After hearing Melrose talk about me and I knew how inferior she was, just kind of pushed me a little further. I came her to accomplish what I was here to do.

    • Anchal: I never thought that I would be in a love scene with Fabio. I thought they would bring in another male model and then they bring in Fabio. They first time I said my name I spit in his eye and he laughed at me. I was like, "Oh my God!".

    • Anchal: I do feel like I have no friends here. I can't talk to these girls, I just want to get away.

    • (about Anchal)
      Eugena: She is always self conscious, it makes her look even more flabby... she doesn't carry herself like she's proud of what she has.

    • Gabrielle Reece: Anchal didn't even want to come out in her bathing suit, she seemed a little bit shy. I think it's just a question of her getting comfortable knowing that she can do it.

    • (on Melrose Bickerstaff)
      Anchal: Melrose just doesn't know how to keep her mouth shut. She wants to say things about people to make herself feel better, obviously.

    • (on her weight issue)
      Anchal: Me and crash diets do not work. I was 130 pounds when I went on the show. There were little things that just got to me, like my stomach. Even though it was flat, I wasn't happy with it. It's things that I put into my head that made me feel worse about myself. But I've learned to love myself.

    • (on how she felt when she was eliminated from "America's Next Top Model")
      Anchal: I was relieved and disappointed at the same time. I was happy that I was leaving, because I didn't want to be with the girls in the house. But I was disappointed that I let the stress get to me, and I couldn't continue on with the show.

    • (on who she is rooting for)
      Anchal: I will be rooting for Caridee.

    • Anchal: I have a lack of confidence. My friends know that this is the real me but they were mad at me because they didn't think that I should have had such low self-confidence on the show. It was portrayed well. That is the real me; I'm not a mean person. I'm also not a big crybaby either, they just showed that the wrong way.

    • (on what she is doing at present)
      Anchal: I´m getting a fitness trainer to get my body in shape and be the way I want to look. I think that I can do any kind of modeling put in front of me. I´m not going to let my body discourage me. I will do any time type of modeling that they want me to do. I want to be a Victoria´s Secret model though! I want the wings. I´ll be happy for the rest of my life then.

    • (on her last photoshoot in "America's Next Top Model")
      Anchal: When it gets to my turn I'm so nervous, I was like 'Aw man, I don't want to do this.'

    • Anchal: I'm not a very sportsy person, my body isn't in the shape I'd like it to be in right now. I don't need to be in a bikini doing action moves, so I wasn't very happy.

    • Anchal: (after her makeover in America's Next Top Model) I used to have a two-finger forehead and now I have three.

    • Tyra: (about her beauty) She scares the hell out of me, on how pretty she is.

    • Anchal: I used to be ugly and have low self-esteem. Modeling encouraged me.

  • you are totaly hot girl

    You were my fav on ANTM I wanted you to win. you were by far the most gorgeous one in the house. I wish you knew that. you should have had more confidence in yourself. Those girls were so jealous of you. I know we will see more of you. perhaps in the silver screen hint hint. Keep your head up you are all that and basket of coconut. to put it mildly. Girl you are soooo yanmalicious. I just want to put you up on a platter and suck you up with a biscuit. girl call me!!!

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