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  • Cooper does what he's got to do to get the full story .. He wont report a story unless he's got the whole story .. He's got a huge heart for those who are in pain .. He's the ONLY ancorman on TV thats worth watching

    Anderson Cooper 360° is the only TV news program I watch .. I was never a news buff , But one night I was just flipping through the TV channel's , And bam .. There was Anderson Cooper on AC360° , I never seen it before , But he was hot and that's all I cared about at the time .. Now , I watch it becuase he's so gd gorgeous , But also becuase when he's reporting something , He gets to the important information and fast .. There's no stalling to tell you something .. When theres something heartbreaking to him that hes reporting about , Youll know it .. He's not afrade to show the real him .. He dosent put on a show and pose as someone else , Or pretend he's someone else , He's himself at all time , And for that I will always admire him for .. There's to many other ancormen out there who are posers and arn't blunt enought .. Not Anderson hes 360° blunt