Andi Peters

Andi Peters


7/29/1970, London, England, UK

Birth Name

Andi Peters



Also Known As

Andy Peters
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Andi Peters is born in London, and likes acting. Now, Andi is 34 and he still isn't stopping with presenting. And we all hope he goes to present many more years!


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    • Originally started as a presenter with "Ed The Duck" that was a rival to pal philip Schofield and "Gordon The Gopher" he has done many a different thing also had a cameo in "Toy Story 2" as one of the baggage packers on the plane at the airport saying something like "We can get another bag over here" but it can't be heard very clearly. He did a presenting role on that about how the movie was going. Now he's executive producer on TOTP (Top Of The Pops) on BBC and for most of the time he has spent his time with the BBC but now he also appears on ITV's Sunday Feast or something like that. He has presented for well over 19 years. With no signs of slowing.

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