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  • Trivia

    • In May 2007, MacDowell was named as one of People Magazine's One Hundred Most Beautiful People in the World.

    • Carrie, MacDowell's character in Four Weddings and A Funeral, was voted the second 'most irritating' character ever in a poll of five thousand movie fans. First place went to the computer-generated 'Jar Jar Binks' in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace.

    • MacDowell appeared in the print advertisement for the 'Got Milk?' milk mustache campaign in 2002-2003.

    • MacDowell beat Sarah Jessica Parker for the part of Carrie in Four Weddings and a Funeral.

    • MacDowell has denied the rumor that she is an illegitimate daughter of Charlie Chaplin. The story was taken seriously in South America.

    • MacDowell has said that taking up smoking made her feel she was a bad example to her children and fans, but that she found quitting a horrible experience, full of tears and drama.

    • For thirteen years, MacDowell was married to Paul Qualley, the father of her three children. Her second marriage, from 2001 to 2004, was to her childhood friend Rhett DeCamp Hartzog. Her third husband is Kevin Geagan, a North Carolina car dealer.

    • In 1997, Andie was honored with the Cesar d'Honneur for her life work and also the Goldene Kamera Award from Germany's Horzu Publications for career achievement.

    • Andie earned her second Golden Globe nomination for her performance in the 1990 romantic comedy Green Card.

    • Andie was given the title of number one box office draw worldwide in 1994, thanks to her performances in the romantic comedy Four Weddings and a Funeral and the all girl western Bad Girls.

    • MacDowell appeared opposite Bruce Willis in the box-office failure Hudson Hawk (1991).

    • Andie received a Medal of Honor in the Arts at Winthrop University on October 22, 2004.

    • Andie received an honorary Doctor of Letters degree from Lander University in Greenwood, South Carolina for her dedication to the Graham Children's Health Center.

    • Andie played a small role as Emilio Estevez's love interest in the 1985 John Hughes hit St. Elmo's Fire.

    • Andie appeared in a series of Calvin Klein television commercials that drew attention to her, and led her to her first film. In 1984 she appeared in Greystoke-The Legend of Tarzan, Lord of the Apes. Her lines had to be re-recorded by Glen Close, because her southern drawl was too pronounced.

    • Andie dropped out of Winthrop College as a sophomore in 1978 and signed on with Elite Model Management. Her first jobs in the modeling world were through L'Oreal Cosmetics, for their line of haircare and makeup.

    • Andie's mother died of alcoholism in 1981.

    • During her teen years, she worked at McDonalds and Pizza Hut.

    • In 2000, Andie was among People Magazine's 50 Most Beautiful People in the world.

    • Andie is 5'8" (1.73 m) tall.

  • Quotes

    • Andie MacDowell: I get so exhausted with people's perception of what I must be like to be forty when it's actually wonderful. It's incredibly fabulous. I've never felt sexier in my whole life.

    • Andie MacDowell: Of course I have time underneath my belt. It would be a shame to put that to waste. It's bizarre. Who came up with this concept? What happened?

    • Andie MacDowell: I've had young guys come on to me and I can't do it. I'm just not into it. I just can't do it. I think partially because my life circumstances are different. I have a fourteen-year-old son, and I wouldn't want to embarrass or humiliate my kids in any way, so I wouldn't allow myself to be attracted to a younger man.

    • Andie MacDowell: When I was twenty-three, basically I stopped modelling and started going to school and was able to study with wonderful teachers.

    • Andie MacDowell: My life in Montana is so diverse from my Hollywood life that it even feels odd for me to go from one life to the other.

    • Andie MacDowell: I tried to tell them about the dating process because I'm single now and how horrible it is and how many foolish experiences I had had dating. So I was really selling him hard, but the whole time he really wanted me!

    • Andie MacDowell: I think I would be more concerned about a sexually risqué movie than a movie that reveals a truth that needs to be revealed.

    • Andie MacDowell: I must be thankful that I get to do intense dramatic roles, because it takes so much more, whereas I've been doing L'Oreal forever, and I can do that in my sleep.

    • Andie MacDowell: I live in a small town now, so beauty salons are sort of like where all the gossip ruminates where I live.

    • Andie MacDowell: I mean, how many times does an actress get to play a school headmistress and then go out and have sex on top of a tombstone? Even when I see it now, I blush.

    • Andie MacDowell: I lived in Paris when I was twenty and twenty-one, and actually knew people that worked for the government there, that talked about terrorism in the country twenty years ago.

    • Andie MacDowell: I feel very comfortable in the UK. I could see myself living in the Cotswolds. I love it. I've had some great experiences. This is my fourth film here, and people seem to accept me. It's always nice to be accepted and welcomed.