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  • Now, I ask you. Yes, you. What would be good about any reality television show without Drama. Yes, drama. And of course, Andra really brought it out in an award-winning "Best Overdramatic Female in a Reality Series" kinda way.moreless

    Andra Stasko was a woman stuck in an obvious loveless marriage. Still in love with her gay best friend she was flawlessly able to overreact to just about every situation. High highs and low lows, similar to the of a psychopath or lunatic, she really made the show "Boy Meets Boy" what it is today.

    Now, we knew from the get-go that there were straight men involved in this, granted, cruel trick of a show. What we also found out, after a few episodes, that the very second this force of a woman found out, that a hurricane would be a-brewin'. And so did the host of the show. That's why when the twist was revealed, the host broke the news to James, the show's lead, and wisely got the hell out of town. She fled! Because she knew that if she were to talk to Andra, a vase would surely crash down on her bleeding head.

    Be that as it may, she really was the woman we loved to hate, because as the show delivered about half of the time, Andra delivered full-time.moreless