Andre Birleanu

Andre Birleanu


8/7/1982, Moscow, Russia

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Andre Birleanu


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Trivia and Quotes

  • Andre does have some trouble in the house, but i think the guys are jealous of him. A lot of people like people with accents. well i know i do. girls usually find them sexy. as long as you can understand them, and thats whtat andre is, sexy.moreless

    Andre Birleanu also known as the Soviet, is one of my

    personal favorite, not only is he sexy, i believe he

    has the brains as well. He always figures something

    out in the end. He is also bringing his culture with

    him, which i think is great. Always bring your culture

    with you, its like bringing i piece of homw with you.

    during the show he does step up, and stand up for what

    he believes in, such as AJ cheating, or him trying to

    steal the glory when Jesse was his partner. or when he

    was listening to the lines ahead of time and it wasnt

    even his turn. Andre has the will power to do what he

    wants. He can do anything, take cold showers, science,

    etc. Thats the reason why he is my personal favorite.

  • America's Most Smartest Model: my vote goes for Andre Birleanu!

    I like a lot of VH1's reality shows. When I heard of America's Most Smartest Model, I thought it would be fun to watch and it is. I'm partial to Russians. So when I saw Andre, my eyes couldn't leave the screen. I like his personality too which is what most of the other contestants would disagree with. I like that he speaks his mind no matter what anyone else thinks. I think he did really good in the last episode when they all had to exercise, especially after all the cake they made him eat. He seemed to have enjoyed doing the punching and uppercuts. He sounds like he has experience being in the army.

    I know he's from Russia but I read that he was raised in Romania so I wonder if he had any army training there. And when they had the runway challenge in the first episode, I remember him saying he did runway work before. I would love to see photos from that. Last, that photo he did with Lisa was the best! It showed such depth. I think the only reason they didn't win was because Mary thought it was too violent.moreless