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    • Andre: (when asked if and how the Million Man March has changed him) I know for myself that I've been changed. I can't judge it by the change with anyone else other than myself. My family life and my ideals, my commitment to the community and to other people - all people - has been improved. I think less about myself and more about my community today. I know for my wife and myself, our commitment as a family to the African community has increased, because we're going to adopt a child. And that's not simply because nature has betrayed us or anything to that effect, but there are kids languishing in foster care or in institutions who need parents. We have a lot of love, and when I asked myself how I could be of greatest service to my community - of maximum benefit to the people around me - it's not by hoarding what I have; it's by sharing. I came away with a commitment to raise a child, to allow the revolution to begin at home.