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  • A great voice actress!

    Andrea Baker is an amazing actress. She was first credited as Andrea Taylor, her maiden name. But married her husband in October 2001 and then wanted to use his surname professionally.

    I suppose Andrea is best known for voicing Clover in the American version of "Totally Spies!", but she has done other works as well. Such as "Paparazzi", "Beverly Hills: 90210", "Pleasantville", and "What Women Want".

    She has a very special voice. It's kind of unique, really. She is just awesome as Clover.

    Andrea Baker really has potential. I think, and hope, that she will have more starring roles in the future. I believe her big "breakthrough" should come soon.
  • Talented voice actor

    Andrea Baker makes Clover come to life in "Totally Spies". Her voice gives Clover a distinctive personality -- flirty, boy-crazy, shopaholic, fashion addict, obsessed with looks, born to wealth, strong-willed, often sarcastic. Yet she also makes Clover come across as a loyal friend and dependable spy when the occasion calls for it. It's hard to be indifferent to someone like Clover. I haven't seen Andrea's other work yet on- or off-camera, though I understand she has participated in some hit movies. That's because I haven't been watching much movies or TV. But "Totally Spies" caught my eye for its comedy, girl power, and very good voice acting. Two thumbs up to the show and the cast!
  • Clover from 'Totally Spies'

    Andrea made a big breakthrough with her role of Clover, a narcissist girl all into fashion and boys form 'Tottaly Spies'. I really lke her voicework andit wouldbe a long, long list if I started to count them. Clover character is a tipical blonde-bimbo one (no offesne to anyone), who is all into latest fashion, cute boys and...herself!!!