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  • Andrea Barber is definently an original.

    I've only seen Andrea Barber as Kimmy Gibbler, though I don't think she's been in much else, I heard she quit acting after Full House, but I loved her as Kimmy.

    I'm sure part of Kimmy's hilarity was the writing, but a lot of it was definently the impeccable acting of Andrea Barber. She portrayed Kimmy with great expressions, vocal and facial, and was such an annoying sweet heart, you couldn't help but absolutely adore her. I adamantly believe she was the most hilarious character on that show. And while I respect, and understand, her decision to quit acting, I would've enjoyed seeing her in other things.
  • A good actress

    Andrea Barber is a very funny,talented actress. She does a great job acting as Kimmy Gibbler on the hit sitcom Full House. She should be on other hit comedy sitcoms like Malcolm in the Middle. Full House was her best show. It is a very good show. I think everybody should watch Full House because it is so hilarious.
  • Wonder why she didn't become a big star

    The show Full House had a character that you didn't like to like but you in a good kind of way. As I thought she was so funny. As well as really stole the show I thought. Don't know why she didn't become a bigger star. Or that she still isn't into acting. Unless marriage and motherhood and moving to England may have changed all of that. As I think that she had a great role and with what she was given, still, stole the show and that wished it resulted in many more roles for her. But still, she was a riot!
  • This girl is too funny.

    I only seen her on one show which was full house and she played kimmy the unwanted neribor of the tanners excepted for dj that was her best friend. It was so funny the way they went back and forth with come backs rather with kimmy and stef, jessie and kimmy or danny and kimmy, all these ways were very funny. Sad to say she hasn't done nothing since and she was decent looking at least. Time is almost up for her to find any good jobs in her field so only full house re runs is probabl the last thing i'll see her in.
  • Very Funny

    Andrea Barber was born on July 3rd, 1976 in LA. She is famous for her role on Full House. She played Kimmy Gibbler, DJ Tanner`s best friend. Kimmy is obnoxious, very stupid, and has stinky feet. Andrea started acting when she was 4 years old. Now Andrea is married and has a son named Tate James Rytky. She also guest starred on The Twilight Zone( 1985) and in Growing Pains. Andrea has two older brothers named Darin and Justin Barber. She wants to be a writer someday. Now Andrea lives in England. She should be in more movies and TV shows because she rocks and she is really funny on Full House!
  • Wonderful acting

    Best know as Kimmie Gibbler, no one can forget her role in Full House. She played DJ's best friend, and the annoyance to everyone else. (Let's not even mention her feat). Sometimes she would end up playing the comic relieve in sticky situation esp. during the end of the Full House run. I wish we could see more of this wonderul actress.