Andrea Corr

Andrea Corr


5/17/1974, Dundalk, County Louth, Ireland

Birth Name

Andrea Jane Corr


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Andrea Corr is the youngest member of the Irish band, The Corrs. The other members of the pop-rock Celtic band are also her siblings: sisters Caroline and Sharon and brother, Jim. She was born in Dundalk, County Louth, Ireland on May 17, 1974. As a child, she was…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Andrea's favorite book is Crime and Punishment and her favorite authors are Fyodor Dostoevsky and Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

    • Andrea has performed in charity concerts for the following causes: Pavarotti & Friends Liberian Children's Village, Freeman Hospital in Newcastle, the victims of the Omagh bombing in Northern Ireland, and The Prince's Trust in 2004.

    • As of September 2007, Andrea has been dating Brett Desmond, son of billionaire businessman Dermot Desmond.

    • Andrea habitually sucks her thumbs.

    • Andrea is the shortest among the Corr siblings at five feet and one inch. Her hair is naturally brown. Her eyes are also brown.

    • In 2005, Andrea won the Film Discovery Jury Best Actress Award for her role in The Boys From County Clare. She was also nominated for Best Actress in a Feature Film in the Irish Film and Television Awards for the same role.

    • Andrea attended Dun Lughaidh Secondary School in Dundalk, County Louth in Ireland.

    • To keep in shape, Andrea maintains a good appetite and a healthy diet. When she can, she also goes to steam rooms in the hotels she stays in while on tour.

    • Her first ever solo single, which came out on June 11, 2007, is a form of protest against the futility of war. She drew inspiration from Sebastian Faulk's novel about the Great War, "Bird Song" in writing the song.

    • Andrea's mother died from a rare lung disease in 1999 at the age of 57.

    • She was strongly rumoured to have been offered the role of Lara in a fresh British television production of Boris Paternak's c novel "Doctor Zhivago". The character was however ultimately played by the then little-known Keira Knightley.

  • Quotes

    • Andrea: I wanted to make an album full of little stories where my imagination could really run rampant.

    • Andrea: (on her album "Ten Feet High") This is just an album where I've had fun and adventure; I'm thrilled with the results. Even if nothing happens with it, I'll go to my grave happy I've done it.

    • Andrea: We had an amazing time and some remarkable opportunities, but in many ways we were always exhausted, jetlagged the whole time, and forever rushing from country to country and continent to continent, chasing our success. I'm not complaining, far from it - it was the time of our lives - but everything else was put on hold. Basically, we wanted some time off, an opportunity to breathe.

    • Andrea: For me music has always been more about the song than the singing. I love story-based songs, songs by people like Neil Young and Simon & Garfunkel that transport you to all kinds of different places.

    • Andrea: My brothers and sisters have been very supportive, but they needed to take the time themselves to do what they needed to do. Obviously I wasn't on the same path as them in my life at the time. But they tell me they like the record and they look like they're telling the truth.

    • Andrea: (on her debut solo album) This isn't about showing the world the real me. This is just an album where I've had fun and an adventure.

    • Andrea: Music is sexy, music is sensual. And an expression of yourself and that side of you comes out sometimes. I know I can be like that on stage but it's innocent. I don't do anything I just get into it, feel it.

    • Andrea: (on deciding to accept the offer of a solo record deal) I always feel you've got to step out of your comfort zone and I definitely was stepping out of my comfort zone by doing a record on my own without the protection of the family. Now I feel so happy with it, that I do feel fulfilled.

    • Andrea: I have a real lust for life. I find it sometimes decadent not to do bold things.

    • Andrea: (comparing her music to that of her previous band, The Corrs) It's completely different and it's not that I made that decision but it's obvious that it would be. It takes four people to make The Corrs music and this is just me. I want people to know it's different so that they listen with an open ear.

    • Andrea: (on her first solo album "Ten Feet High") I feel it's very eclectic and very story-based. I see it in a way as a diary of a girl walking through life in these times looking around her. They're like little film songs in a way.

    • Andrea: I would like to marry somebody with the knowledge that if he's not treating me right, or if he's taking me for granted, I'll leave.

    • Andrea: (on the death of her mother) You sometimes get a very dark moment where you feel, 'oh my God, how have I lived without her, how have I laughed, how have I done this, how have I done everything?'. You feel quite guilty and shocked all over again. There is something that gets me about actually 'going on' – why haven't I fallen apart?

    • Andrea: (on her favorite place on Earth) I just love everywhere in a way, all the diversities and differences. I love a big park with loads of big old trees, like in Ireland, there's a place called Powerscourt that's very beautiful. I like things that are rustic, I don't like things so manicured, I prefer it rough and wild, the country rather than the city.

    • Andrea: Times have changed, and it is sad that people are taking music for free - stealing it, I think - but the ultimate power of music still endures, and it's just the process of promoting it that's different.