Andrea Darvi






Birth Name

Andrea Margolis




Andrea Darvi, daughter of Samuel & Evelyn Margolis, was born in 1952. Andrea, in her own words, entered showbiz at age 7 (1959) and was through with showbiz at age 13 (1965).  Andrea usually played a long-haired waif.

You saw her in "Twilight Zone" episodes: as a peasant girl in "Dust," and as a street urchin in "Night of the Meek"-- you know her, she's the girl who told Santa Claus (Art Carney), "Please, Santa, oh please, for Christmas I want a job for my Daddy."

You saw her in "Untouchables" episodes: as the daughter of a gangster's bookkeeper in "Augie 'The Banker' Ciamino," and as the girl from a broken home in "Elegy"-- you know her, she's the girl who told the detective lady, "That's my father, he drinks beer."

And in "Combat !" she played-- what else?-- the orphan.

With her dark complexion, and her large, sad eyes, while other kids were playing fun roles in "Leave it to Beaver," or "Dennis the Menace," Andrea Darvi played the roles that required pathos.  Pam Polifroni, a famous casting director ("Gunsmoke," etc.), said of Andrea Darvi, "This girl was the best child actress-- I mean, the best!"

But, as Andrea points out in her book "Pretty Babies" (1983), almost none of the famous child stars become adult stars.  Not even Shirley Temple.  Some former child stars will have pleasant memories of their few short years of TV fame.  Others will suffer from depression and feelings of rejection.  Andrea Darvi is well-adjusted, writing the book was a sort of catharsis. 

Hollywood is a harsh place to work, where you're only as good as your last picture.  Andrea wrote of child stars who win awards one year, and are fired the next.  Hollywood is a tough enough place for adults, and much tougher for kids. Andrea Darvi is one of those who didn't have a typical childhood, she was a child star.