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  • An amazingly talented child actress who began - and ended - her career by being typecast.

    Andrea Darvi (born Andrea Margolis, New York, 1952)began acting at age seven, and considered her career essentially finished at age 15. She adored acting, but had the fortune - or misfortune, in Hollywood's eyes - to be born with very dark hair, huge dark eyes, olive skin and a naturally "plaintive" look. She was a quick study, and a tremendously gifted instinctive actress, but her looks relegated her to what she herself described as "street urchin/orphan waif" roles. In the early to mid 1960's, television casting was still a lockstep process. If the child was blond, blue-eyed, and not too tall, they could be cast anywhere during their prime years (which at that time, began to end about age 11). Talent was secondary - if the "look" was right, tremendous opportunities could open up. Darvi was a better actress than almost anyone in her age bracket at that time, but - notwithstanding her beauty - she had the wrong "look" to suit producers.
    Bitterly resigned to her fate, she eventually accepted, and even eventually was relieved, that she was a "former actress". After college, she became a free-lance journalist, and wrote a balanced and revealing book about her - and many other child stars - experiences in Hollywood called "Pretty Babies" (McGraw Hill, 1983). She could have been one of the all-time great adult actresses, as for example Dakota Fanning will likely be, but she was born and began her career at a time when she had the "wrong look". It was Hollywood's loss.