Andrea Evans

Andrea Evans


6/18/1957, Aurora, Illinois, USA

Birth Name

Andrea Lynn Evans



Also Known As

Andrea Evans Massey
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Andrea's journey to soap stardom began with small roles in "The Fury" and "The Awakening Land," which garnered the attention of network executives at ABC and led to her being cast as Tina Clayton Lord on "One Life to Live." She left the show after three years, soon…more


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    • Andrea: (on returning to OLTL) The rumors have been going on for 18 years, but I'm glad it's finally not just a rumor. It's the 40th anniversary of the show and I think the storyline is right.

    • Andrea (About exercising and her similarities to her Passions character): I work out constantly. I used to dance, so I like taking a class like advanced step-aerobics. I also have a trainer. I run, I do yoga, I do Pilates. That's a very big difference between Rebecca and me. I'm a bit of a jock. I'm not a "Little Miss Priss." The running I do as Rebecca on Passions is not how I really run! (laughs)

    • Andrea (About working on a weird scene with Michael Sabatino in Passions, where Sabatino had to dress like a woman): He doesn't make a good woman. Kissing him was physically rather difficult because I'm 5-feet-4-and-a-half and he's like 6-feet-2 - and then they put him in these three-inch heels! I got a mouthful of fake breasts. He had the weirdest padding to give him hips and breasts, so hugging him was like hugging a big down mattress.

    • Andrea (on ABC's hit show Grey's Anatomy): I've been very into "Grey's Anatomy." Of course I would love to guest-star, especially with McDreamy. I've had a crush on Patrick Dempsey since long before he was McDreamy.

    • Andrea (About villain characters on soap operas): We look to the bad girl because she does all the things we can't do. We live vicariously through the bad girl. If you had a bunch of nice people on a soap, it'd be pretty damn boring.

    • Andrea (About daytime): I can't say that I'm a huge daytime viewer. I'd love to lie and tell you that I watched it every day, but that's not the truth. I'm not a big daytime viewer because I'm usually working. I had seen it and had seen enough of it to know that it seemed really promising. And I also kind of liked the idea of coming into a show at pretty much the beginning, you know. That's a new experience for me, too: coming into it when it's solidifying its place, which it seems to be doing. It's the first "new" soap to come along in a long time that I think really has a chance of succeeding.

    • Andrea (About her previous roles on soap operas and her current one on Passions): It was a great time in my life and a wonderful role. When people associate you with a role, either in prime time or daytime, it's because the role fits you well. I enjoyed playing Patty and Tawny, but neither of those roles were comparatively quite as good a fit. A good role can fit like a glove. And when a character fits that way, as Tina did with me, then there's much more of an identification, and I think that the audience senses that. I think the audience will see that with Passions. Rebecca is a very good fit with me. I am having a blast. I think Rebecca's a grown-up Tina in many ways.