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  • i wish she were mine

    One of the reasons I watched "The Pretender" was because of her and I fell in Love. Even though she played a not so great of a part she was still good at it.
  • she is a fantastic actress and looks like an amazing person.

    Andrea Parker is an amazing actress, when she plays a part she makes it her own. Her acting is flawless; in "Pretender" she portays the role of Miss Parker and she has the viewers eating out of the palm of her hand. Eventhough she was chasing the lead character, Jarod, she had all of us viewers and fans on her side. She was chasing our favourite 'perfect man' and still we didn't want to see anything bad happen too her. Andrea has the ability too make a character so real that you as viewer can't help but too feel what that person does. We all cried and laughed and was shocked and horrorfied with Miss Parker, and that's all because of Andrea. an amazingly talented actress indeed.
  • she is a stunning and genuine actress who gives moving performance in anything she does. the pretender showed depth of one character she successfully explored.

    andrea parker is a favorite of mine because she is a stunning and genuine actress who gives moving performance in anything she does. the pretender showed depth of one character she successfully explored. she is intellegent and shows deep thought in portraying character. she is delightful to watch onscreen. can't wait for her next project.
  • Andre Parker is one of my all time favorites. I'll never understand how she is overlooked for parts that go to actresses like Ulma Thurman. This woman has them all beat. Drama with a touch of the warm cynic is her forte.

    Here is one of the more powerful actresses. Her role in The Pretender proves her to be an actress with a wide range of abilities. Forgot the beauty and natural grace she exudes, watch for the powerful scenes. She can hit a sarcastic line with perfect timing. Be a shrew and a second later you find the damaged warmth of a wounded woman. Give her the power roles and look out. I've seen her in silly comedy sitcoms and they do not do her justice. She shines in an action/adventure drama with a touch of humor. The Pretender was made for her, and I think they were only beginning to see that when the show was canceled. My hopes for this beautiful, witty and intelligent lady is another drama with wit. I truly miss seeing her on the screen since the Pretender went off the air.
  • Stunningly beautiful and a personality to match.

    Andrea Parker has blown me away since the very beginning, when I discovered The Pretender at age 14. She posesses qualities most young actresses only dream about having. She is a bright and energetic person with a lot of major talent in both drama and comedy, as seen in both The Pretender and Less Than Perfect.

    She is very capable working with the dark and angst-ridden emotions, successfully bringing the viewer into the sadness surrounding the truly heartbreaking Miss Parker on the Pretender. Never in my life have I seen a character so beautifully complex! Andrea Parker has the brains, the talent, the personality, and a body that stands hands down "superb" among all others...guess I should have kept going to ballet, huh? She's done so much in her life, regardless of whether or not it's been on tv...stunt driving, target shooting, dancing, horse riding, acting, charity events, poker games, name it, she's probably done it! She's entirely wonderful to watch, bringing a truer sense of compassion and strength my world every time I sit down to watch The Pretender.
  • Coolest chick ever

    Andrea Parker is such an amazing actoress she is so good and being intmidating that she used to scare me a little plus no one threatens broots like her. She should get a lot more roles then she does she is so talented not to mention beautiful. I hope to see her on TV again soon