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    • Andrea: George O'Hanlon was recording the feature some of the last bits that we were doing and he had not been well, he had had a second stroke. George said, "Andrea, come over and put your ear next to my head."
      Andrea: So I did, and I could actually hear the blood pulsing through his skull I could actually hear every heartbeat. I said, "George, how do you hear anything?"
      Andrea: He said, "It's really getting hard to hear you guys speak to me." As we got through the session, we never tried to record him longer than an hour because we knew it was taxing. We could see him getting paler and paler and I looked at Gordon, who said, "Let's just stop for today and we'll bring you back in next week when you're feeling better."
      Andrea: So we called his wife, Nancy, from the office and suddenly his head just pitched forward onto her chest and I saw this look pass between her and Gordon and I knew that something very bad had just happened. Instantly called 911 and the paramedics were at Hanna-Barbera in three minutes to whisk him away to the hospital. We followed him in our car but he had died. They put him on life support in the ambulance but George O'Hanlon really died in the recording session doing what he loved.
      Andrea: So we went to the hospital and the doctor came out after examining him and said he's gone and Nancy O'Hanlon, God bless her, really had her spiritual stuff together and said, "Please let him go. We talked about this. We knew that this was going to happen one day…there is no reason to keep him on." Isn't that the coolest way to go?

    • Andrea: We did the auditions for months and we had maybe 150 actors for the voice of Batman and we kind of had a Clint Eastwood thing going with a kind of raspier, quieter sound and then Kevin Conroy walked in the room and did one of those wonderful things that happens once in a lifetime. He just nailed it and we all just said, "We're done!"

    • Andrea: [on Steven Spielberg] For those fans who don't know this already, he was very hands-on. He was not just a figurehead. He looked at storyboards, he looked at story ideas, he read every script, he had input. Matter of fact my one real massive claim to fame is although many have been directed by Steven Spielberg I am one of the very few who has directed Steven Spielberg. I have the outtake reel in case I'm ever broke.

    • Andrea: (talking about a typical voice session for Avatar) Avatar has its own specific challenges regarding recording. The actor who voiced Aang (Zach Tyler Eisen) lives on the east coast. The rest of the actors in the main cast reside in the Los Angeles area. It's a major part of my job to make sure it sounds as if these actors were all in the room at the same that it sounds like the characters are all in the same scene. It would be disconcerting if Toph and Katara and Sokka were all talking at a conversational level (volume) and Aang sounded like he was shouting his lines!

    • Andrea: It's the voice director's job to make sure the writer's and producer's requests are incorporated into the recording session...after all, when it comes right down to it, it's the producer's show. It's my job to be sure to get them the vocal tracks they need to make the cartoon they desire.