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    • Fans purchased an unused G'Kar prosthetic mask and donated it to the Museum of the Moving Image in Queens, New York. The mask was added to the museum's collection in June, 2008.

    • Of the 15 years that he was part of Peter Brooks' International Company, his best known performances where "The Conference of the Birds", "The Mahabharata", "Measure for Measure" and "La Tragedie de Carmen".

    • Andreas Katsulas participated in recording a music album together with some of his Babylon 5 co-stars.

    • Andreas was 6 feet tall.

    • Andreas filled-in hosting the AgamemCon 4 Convention on June 4, 1999 for his fellow Babylon 5 star Peter Jurasik, who unexpectedly had to have heart surgery.

    • Andreas worked as a waiter while putting himself through college.

    • Andreas won the Reader's Universe Choice award for Best Supporting Actor In A Genre TV Series in 1995 and the SFX Award for Best SF/Fantasy Actor in 1997.

    • This was posted elsewhere by J. Michael Straczynski, long time friend of Andreas Katsulas and creator of Babylon 5, and I thought it fitting to repost it here. These comments are dated 2/16/06.

      Just over a year ago, Andreas Katsulas -- who loved smoking with a
      passion that cannot be described -- was diagnosed with lung cancer,
      which by then had already spread to other areas. He quit smoking at
      once and went on a healthy diet and vitamin program, but there was
      little hope of a good resolution even though the new regimen was very
      good for him. When we spoke about it, he laughed, and said, "Now that
      I'm dying I've never felt better!"

      His spirits were always up and positive, putting everyone at ease about
      his condition, because...well, that's the kind of person he was.

      A couple of months ago, he and his wife convened a dinner with me,
      Doug, and Peter Jurasik, which was filled with laughter and stories and
      good food. He wanted to know all the stories we never told him
      because, as he said, "Who am I going to tell?" So we did. Because we
      knew we were saying goodbye, and there would not be a second chance.

      Last night, in the company of his wife and family, Andreas closed his
      eyes and went away.

      He lived an amazing life...full of travel and wonder and good
      work...was part of the world renowned Peter Brook company...he saw the
      planet, loved and was loved, ate at great restaurants, smoked too many
      cigarettes...he lived a life some people would die for.

      And, sadly, due to the last part of that equation...he did.

      Memorial arrangements are still being worked out, but will doubtless be

      Andreas is gone...and G'Kar with him, because no one else can ever play
      that role, or ever will.

      I will miss him terribly.

      J. Michael Straczynski

    • He never owned a computer.

  • Quotes

    • Andreas Katsulas: (About where he preferred to perform - on theater or on screen) Let's have both!

    • Andreas Katsulas: (About his Star Trek character) I felt much more comfortable when he was an incredible giant on a screen, just a face. Suddenly when I had to account for everything else, I didn't feel support and nothing was supporting what I was doing. I was happy not to recur unless it would have gone back to a screen character.

    • Andreas Katsulas: You're only as good as you are now - not as good as you were before.

    • Andreas Katsulas: Well, you know, what's better? To play a character who stays stuck in the same baggage year after year, or to play a character who gets beyond that and goes to a new level?

    • Andreas Katsulas: People often ask me why I always play villains. I tell them, "G'Kar's not a villain, he's a patriot!"