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  • Trivia

    • Andrew married his wife Sophia on 18 May 1991.

    • Andrew is 6' 3¼" (1.91 m) tall.

    • Andrew lives in South London.

    • Andrew hosted Andrew Castle's Tennis Night, a phone-in programme on BBC Radio Five Live.

    • Andrew supports Christopher's Hospice in Surrey, England in his role as Patron of Chase.

    • Andrew is a key member of the tennis commntary team for the BBC, covering Wimbledon, the Artois Championships at Queen's Club, the French Open, Australian Open and the Davis Cup. He has been lead commentator on all men's singles finals since 2003 working alongside John McEnroe, Boris Becker, Jimmy Connors, Tim Henman and John Lloyd.

    • Andrew was a commentator and presenter for BSkyB and presented basketball, motor racing and golf for Sky.

    • Andrew represents Surrey at Squash and continues to play representative tennis around the world.

    • Andrew's highest career rankings in tennis were world number 80 in singles and number 45 in doubles.

    • Andrew was a regular member of the British Davis Cup team and the European Cup team.

    • Andrew represented Great Britain at the Seoul Olympic Games of 1988 and the Barcelona Olympic Games of 1992.

    • When Andrew was 15, his parents separated and he had to leave Millfield School, taking his A-levels at a local grammar school.

    • After Andrew won the United Kingdom under 12 national tennis championships, he was given a full tennis scholarship to Millfield School.

    • Andrew started playing tennis at the age of 9.

    • One of Andrew's father's customers before he retired in the mid 1970s was Winston Churchill's wife Clementine who lived at Chartwell house, Kent.

    • Andrew is the youngest of five children. He has three brothers and a sister.

    • Andrew's mother Lavinia Pollock was adopted shortly after her birth. She was born Kathleen Mary, great-granddaughter of Annie Besant. She married Frank Castle, a fishmonger, in April 1953.

    • In April 2006, he attempted to run the London Marathon and was hospitalized due to dehydration after managing twenty-three miles of the 26.2 mile course.

    • Andrew has two young daughters called Georgina and Claudia.

    • Andrew used to be a professional tennis player. He became a professional tennis player in 1986 after completing a Marketing degree whilst on an athletic scholarship in the United States.

  • Quotes

    • Andrew: One morning recently [on GMTV] we had Gordon Brown, Miss Piggy and Heather Mills in the studio. You can't beat that for someone like me who thrives on thrills.

    • Andrew: I played in the Korean Open and Dunlop Masters and won £30,000. When I got home, I went straight to buy a brand new TVR sports car that was shaped like a phallus. What an idiot. I should have stuck the money in the bank and then got practising because I was playing particularly well at the time. Instead I just mucked about.

    • Andrew: If I'm going to do something strenuous, it's got to be before midday or after 6pm because I get a bit weary in the afternoons. But I can proudly say that I still play squash for Surrey and can still get the better of Peter Fleming on a tennis court.

    • Andrew: I left home to go to a minor college in Florida and lived in a trailer park where I didn't know a soul. That was character-building.

    • Andrew: I was lucky, because things can be difficult if you don't come from a wealthy background. Let's face it, tennis is not an urban youth sport. My local courts on Clapham Common in London cost £5 an hour to hire, so that's not exactly helping us to unearth champions. I loved the sport, got some breaks, benefited from help from my parents and elder brother David and put in plenty of effort.

    • (On commentating with John McEnroe.)
      Andrew: In my role with GMTV, I have to do things such as interview parents whose children have been murdered so I'm not going to worry about working with Mac. I guess the first few times I might have watched my p's and q's. I told him so last year, which made him smile.