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    Andrew Chalmers is incredibly professional in all of his work. He never lets me down and is always amazing. I hope to keep seeing some great pieces of work in the near future
  • A convincing actor that makes anything believable.

    Everything he says or does is convincing, even though i know it is just acting. It is impressive that if i didn't know he was acting, i would think he was for real. He is the best actor on Darcy's Wild Life, but he only has a suppporting role. The other actors are obviously acting, but he adds real-life dimention to his character Jack. He is more worthy of his own show than Sara Paxton, the star of Darcy's Wild Life. He is convincing and adorably cute.

    This boy's acting seems natural, which must take a lot of work. His acting skill level is unbelievablty high, even for a professional who has worked in show business their whole life. What is even more amazing is that he is only about ten years old, and he is already at a perfect ten level IMO. Thats one per year of his life, which is a greater ratio than you can expect for anyone else. He has his whole career ahead of him to become better, although, even if he doesn't improve his acting skill, he would still be outstanding for his age.