Andrew Daddo

Andrew Daddo


2/18/1967, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

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Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • In February 2008, Andrew filled in as presenter of the ABC radio evening summertime program.

    • Andrew commentated the Australian Spelling Championships.

    • Andrew appeared in the stage play Ladies' Night, playing the role of a male stripper, whereby he actually appeared nude on stage.

    • Andrew has lived much of his life on the Northern Beaches of Sydney.

    • In late 2007, Andrew had his first novel published, Youse Two, about a pair of bickering identical twin brothers. Andrew himself has a twin brother, and has stated that some of his real life experiences are included in the book.

    • Andrew is a keen golfer and fisherman.

    • Andrew is married and has three children, Felix, Anouk Bibi and Jasper.

    • Andrew is one of the presenters on the long-running Australian travel series The Great Outdoors.

    • Andrew is the brother to both Cameron Daddo and Lochie Daddo, who are both also actors.

    • Andrew appeared, along with his wife Jacquiline, in a Zoot Review television commercial, for anti-inflammatory medicine.

    • During the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games, he hosted Olympic Sunrise with Johanna Griggs.

    • Andrew Daddo is an author of many children's books, including some picture books. He has written eleven best-selling books since 2000.

    • From 1995 to 1996, Andrew hosted World's Greatest Commercials on the Seven Network, Australia.

    • Andrew Daddo was cast as Professor Peter Plum in the Australian version of Cluedo, based off the Parker Brothers boardgame of the same name.

  • Quotes

    • Andrew: (About working on travel show The Great Outdoors) One of the first things you learn on the show when you visit exotic places and eat exotic food is that 'Mmmm delicious' doesn't always mean 'Mmmm delicious'!

    • Andrew: (From his blog) I almost learnet two spel commentating the Australian Spelling Championships.

    • Andrew: I fancy myself as a golfing fisherman, not a fishing golferman.

    • Andrew: (About the first two movies he appeared in) The fact that they are two of the worst films in Australian cinematic history is beside the point. The 'films' were Kink In The Picasso and Bodymelt. Both stank.

    • Andrew: My first job was brick cleaning at Mr Patterson's place. I was paid by the bricks I cleaned and docked for the ones I broke. I owed him money by the time I finished!