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  • Andrew Dice Clay....what I think! From a woman, entreprenuer and author who firmly believes in the spirit of America and living the American Dream.

    Thank God for America, Thank God for free speech, Thank God for the freedom we have in the USA to express ourselves. There are very few people in this world that are real and have the guts to not be politically correct all of the time. While it is an act, it takes a lot of guts to do what he does and at the end of the day, he is providing for his family and giving most of us a laugh. When a man focuses on women this much, he has to have more respect and admiration than most lame guys who have no guts to stand up to mood swings and dominate the room like the dice man. After all, isn't it good to have a laugh every now and then and be challenged to think about what you believe in? Even if that belief system doesn't change, you can at least confirm or deny your "normal and respectable" way of thinking. Also to ask yourself if you have the guts to be real even some of the time!

    Guaranteed that by listening to his act you will at least laugh once, if you are a woman, you will blush, get mad and be turned on at the same time. If you are a man, you will laugh the whole performance unless your wife is next to you and be relived to hear that you are not insane and that woman have issues, we all have issues, but who loves and appreciates the female anatomy more, no holds barred? The Dice man has set records that will go down in the history books, he has done more than most could ever imagine to include living and non living legends. It is sad that legends are not appreciated or recognized for their talent and accomplishments as much while they are alive due to our scrutiny, judgments and criticisms. The Dice Man respects and can relate to most people more than our so called "leaders" and people that we blindly follow in life.
    He has raised two of the most grounded, talented and respectable teenage boys that are also musicians and actually open for his act...check them out! LA Rocks and so do you Dice Man!
    Have a little fun, let down your barriers and appreciate his performance. From one Entrepreneur to another....thanks for inspiring others and living the American Dream!
  • Andrew Dice Clay is one of the BEST standup comics in the business. Say what you want but the man was once the highest paid and most quoted comics in the world. I hope he does sell out Giants Stadium!!

    Love the show. I have missed the "Dice Man"!!! We need someone who will tell it like it is instead of being a politically correct ass wipe!! God speed and if you come to Jacksonville, FL I will be at the show!! He did more for comedy and comics in general during his rien then most other comics could ever think to do. His show is real (never stolen material) and funny. He is the American Dream which is starting from nothing, working hard and making millions with everyone repeating his bits to being so politically incorrect that he was banned from MTV and SNL. I give him props for trying to go for it again we need someone to make us laugh and tells it like it is. From one Broklyn boy to another, I wish him all the luck in the world and support his efforts totally!!!! Keep the shows coming!!!
  • Andrew Dice Clay was at the very top of the world. I gave him a 8.5, because the last few years that he has been performing he hasn't been near his potential.

    He was the funniest comic out, the only comic to sell out madison square gardens. Somewhere along the way the constant badgering and critism got too him and he just got mad. Dice was the type of dude to give sh*t and take sh*t, was when the taking got too much he snapped. Everything he did after "No Apologies" was just angry and not really too funny. People say that the Diceman is washed up and is out for the count, i still have a little faith left in the man. Maybe one day we'll get to see the man that nailed mother goose perform again.