Andrew Divoff

Andrew Divoff


8/2/1955, San Tome, Venezuela

Birth Name

Andrew Daniel Divoff



Also Known As

Andrew Divof
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Andrew Divoff is an actor from Venezuela. He is best known for his role as the evil wish granting Dijnn in the first two Wishmaster films. He has been acting for 20 years in which he has been in over 70 television shows and movies, among these include…more


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    • Andrew: (When asked about relaxation) I like to get physical, whether it's going on a hike to some hot-springs, or skiing or working out with my martial arts. My mind needs something to concentrate on at all times so I find it relaxing to pass the time with pursuits that are less mental and more physical.

    • Andrew Divoff: (when asked if he always wanted to be an actor) I was always a shy kid. If you told that gawkish little boy who couldn't even present a book report in front of a classroom, that he would seek out audiences to play to, he would not have wanted to grow up! I did always have this thing about needing to show that my shyness was not due to stupidity, so when I would break out of my shyness for those brief moments, it was humor that helped me escape. The principal told me that my sense of humor was too dry for a kid my age (7th grade) and to cut it out. You could say that what we had there was "a failure to communicate". It was only when I moved out to LA from the east coast some 16 years ago that I got interested in the acting. It was time, I was a college educated kid who spoke 7 languages and was willing to experiment with his emotions, to show what I had inside, so to speak.

    • Andrew Divoff: (a word to the fans) Just one thing — thank you. Thanks for the support. Thanks for making me keep finding this a magic thing to do. I do love doing these shows. I love the contact with the fans — just to be able to answer questions that usually don't get answered through the magazines or though other venues. But, thank you for your time, and again, thanks to the fans.

    • Divoff: (when asked about speaking nine languages) It's funny you said nine. I actually spoke nine. My ninth language was Romanian. And I did a movie in Romania. I knew I was going to be over there so I started studying with the books, you know, got the phrase books out. So by the time I was there for some two and half months, I left and I was doing my interviews in Romanian. But I must say, because of the fact that I had nobody to speak with, (and I never believed that this would happen), but I actually forgot. I literally forgot it!

    • Divoff: (when asked about playing the bad guy) There may be other characters which had kind and sensitive moments in between heroic moments, i.e. when the hero of the movie is holding a gun no matter how sympathetic the character, you pretty much have to throw out kind and sensitive, so there are very few really kind and sensitive characters any more, the prototypical hero is a man of action and therefore a hardened man.

  • I'd be happy seeing him do more! I just have to wait and see what he will do next. Keep smiling though Mr Divoff we do love that handsome smile that's what really makes you king. I've seen your recent photo loved it you blow my mind...hmmm very NICE! ;o)moreless

    Excellent actor but I don't like to see him playing short roles come on we want more. I wanted to see more of him playing bigger roles. I did really enjoy him playing a role in Lost however I just can't seem to get enough of him he is the best He Rocks. I Love it when he speaks Spanish and he changes character so very well he is amazing to me he never fails to entertain us he really is Magic LOL. We've been trying to collect all his movies even the rare ones but our favorite is The WishMaster part one and two. No further comments because I'll go on and on here forever we love you Andy!moreless