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Andrew Fleming is a director, producer and writer who was born on December 30, 1965. He graduated from New York University Film School. As a child actor, Andrew appeared in television shows and commercials. In 1988, he made his debut as a director on the film "Bad Dreams." He is known for his work on the 1996 film "The Craft," the 1999 film "Dick," the 2007 film "Nancy Drew" and the 2008 film "Hamlet 2." Andrew worked as a producer on the television series "Grosse Pointe" from 2000 to 2001 and the television movie "Paranormal Girl" in 2002. He has written eight titles, including the 1994 film "Threesome," the 1994 film "Every Breath" and the screenplay for the 1996 film "The Craft." Andrew's acting roles include Klete Vanderjack in "Fired Up!" in 2009, the doctor in the 2010 film "Easy A" and the driver in the 2011 film "Friends with Benefits." His television work includes episodes of "Arrested Development" in 2005, "Head Cases" in 2005 and "The Wedding Band" in 2011.