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  • Andrew is a musician who is apart of The Chaser and boy is he talented

    Andrew Hansen to me is very talented. His profession to play many instruments and write songs is amazing. Andrew first starred in Simon Target's film "Uni" with former Chaser Charles Firth. In the film it revealed Andrew was suffering from clinical depression. He wasn't a original Chaser, only joined in 2002 after The Chaser Decides 2001 when The Chasers asked him to join because he was the only one who had musical talent. Andrew debut in CNNNN.(Chaser Non-Stop News Network) later in The Chaser's War On Everything, Andrew has given us memorable songs including: "The Filler Song", "The Credits Songs" and many others. He also has the pleasure working with the forever not gonna grow up Chaser Chas Licciardello in What Have We Learned From A Current Affairs This Week. Andrew will always be known as The Chaser with the most unbelievable hair-styles and the good-looking one.