Andrew Helm

Andrew Helm


7/5/1969, Minden, Nebraska, USA

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Andrew Lawrence Helm


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Andrew Helm was born in Minden, Nebraska on July 5, 1969. He attended California State University, Chico where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Media Arts.

Upon graduation from college, Helm moved to the Greater Los Angeles area to break into the entertainment industry. Before…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Andrew Helm was the subject and victim of revenge editing on the crowdsourced site Wikipedia in April of 2013. On May 17th, Andrew Leonard and Wikipediocracy revealed that the main source of revenge editing towards Andrew Helm was an  unknown author by the name of Robert Clark Young going by the usernmae of Qworty. Young/Qworty spent years puffing up his own Wikipedia entry while trashing those of authors and writers, including Andrew Helm.

    • Andrew served as Tessie Santiago's personal assistant for two months in Los Angeles before filming for Queen of Swords began in Spain began.

    • In 2004, at a Peter Wingfield Fan Convention, Queen of Swords creator David Abramowitz confirmed that he named Peter Wingfield's character, Dr. Robert Helm, after the series Script Coordinator, Andrew Helm.

    • The anthology Hell Comes to Hollywood, inclusive of Andrew Helm's piece "Muse" was nominated by the by the Horror Writers Association for the 2013 Bram Stoker Award for Superior Achievement in Anthology given by the World Horror Association.

    • Also included in Hell Comes to Hollywood, the anthology for which Helm wrote a story was Laura Brennan who helped Andrew Helm get his first official entertainment production job in Hollywood in the late 1990s.

    • In 2012, Helm contributed a story to the anthology Hell Comes to Hollywood, published by Big Time Books. His story was called "Muse."

    • In the role of writer, Helm started working closely with fellow horror master (producer and director) David DeCoteau in made-for-television holiday movies in 2011 with Christmas Spirit which was followed by A Halloween Puppy in 2012 and A Talking Cat!?! in 2013.

    • Andrew Helm's Story Credits (1998-1999)

      The Lost World (1999) TV series (assistant to writer)... aka Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's The Lost World (Canada: English title)

      Highlander: The Raven (1998) TV series (assistant to writer)


    • Andrew Helm's Story Credits (2000-2005)

      Area 51 (2005) (VG) (dialogue writing producer)

      Shrek 2 (2004) (VG) (writing producer)

      A Gothic Romance (2004) (writer and executive producer)

      The Hunted (2003

    • Andrew Helm's early role in writing internet-based, fantasy-combat, webisodic television was recognized in 2011 when he was chosen to be a featured presenter at The Combat Con 2011

    • The 1999, Best in the West Screenwriters Competition in which Helm was awarded first-place runner up (Old West Division) for his script in Saving Grace was operated by True West Magazine. The competition offered the two first place positions followed by a second and a third place. Helm won the second position in the first place category (not to be confused with second place).

    • Andrew Helm's Producing Credits

      A Gothic Romance (2004)

    • Andrew Helm's Story Credits (2007-early 2013)

      A Talking Cat!?! (2013) (screenplay)

      A Halloween Puppy (2012) (screenplay)

      Amityville - The Legacy 3D (2012) (screenplay)

      Christmas Spirit (2011) TV Movie (screenplay) Gemini Division (2008) TV series (script coordinator)

      Death Racers (2008) (V), TV Film (screenplay)

      Flash Gordon (script coordinator) (12 episodes, 2007)

    • Andrew Helm was a finalist in the Scriptwriters Network Producers Outreach Program.

    • Andrew Helm was a finalist in the Scriptwriters Network Staged Reading Series.

    • Andrew Helm was a semi-finalist in the Chesterfield Screenwriting Fellowship.

    • Andrew Helm was a semi-finalist (twice  in the TV Category) in the Carl Sautter Memorial Screenwriting Contest

    • Andrew Helm was first Runner-Up in the 1999 Best in the West Screenwriting Competition (Old West Category) for his script titled "Saving Grace."

    • Andrew Helm was a Finalist in the New Works Company - New Reading Series.

    • Andrew Helm was a Quarter Finalist in the Fade In Magazine Screenwriting contest.

    • According to his Writer Bio at the website for A Gothic Romance (a film short he made with director Kian Kaul), Andrew Helm worked in tourist sales at Universal Studios and at Blockbuster Video upon moving to the greater Los Angeles area, but before he was employed in the entertainment industry.

    • Roberta Brown taught Andrew Helm to fence at Westside Fencing in Culver City. He returned the favor by introducing Ms. Brown to the producers of Queen of Swords who picked her  to help choose who would play the title role of the "Queen of Swords" in that 2000-2001 TV series. Again as a result of Helm's connection with Brown, she was brought into the production to coach fencing and act as the "Queen" and "Marta" double in the series during filming in Spain.

  • Quotes

    • Andrew: (On working as Tessie Santiago's assistant for two months prior to the filming of Queen of Swords in Spain) Before the show started, Tessie flew out to LA for nearly two months of preparation for the show. In addition to my script duties, it was my job to set up her schedule. She had a personal trainer 6 days a week, sword and whip training, dialect coaches, flamenco dance instruction, horse lessons -- not to mention photo shoots and business meetings. I had to factor in every coach and trainers busy schedule, travel time, traffic time, time to eat and sleep and occasionally time for Tessie to actually rest from all this hullabaloo. It was an impossible juggling act that had to be readjusted daily. And though Tessie weathered this storm with grace and aplomb, I was a mess at the end of the two months...Trust me, personal assistant's earn their money.

    • In August 2009, during the wild fires in Southern California, Helm commented to (later changed to NBCNews Online): "We're close enough for a nice little apocalyptic plume."

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