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Andrew Kennedy

Andrew Kennedy


Bogota, Columbia

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Andrew Kennedy was born in Bogota, Colombia. He lived in Colombia, Puerto Rico, Venezuela (twice), Hong Kong and finally the U.S. by the time he was thirteen. Comedy just seemed the next logical step in what was already shaping to be quite an interesting life.

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Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • His favorite books include The DaVinci Code, King of Torts, The Camel Club, Angels and Deamons, Digital Fortress, Dragon Tears, Broken Prey, The Third Secret and anything Piers Anthony.

    • Andrew's favorite television shows include Heroes, Criminal Minds, 30 Rock, My Name is Earl, Amazing Race, Dallas Cowboys football games, Without a Trace, Comedy Central Presents, The Daily Show, CNN, and Spanish Soaps on Telemundo.

    • People he would like to meet with include Bookers, Network Execs and Spanish-speaking nannies.

    • His interests are soccer, tennis, softball, watching movies and his kids.

    • Andrew's influences are Gene Wilder, John Cleese, Brian Regan, Eddie Izzard, and Benny Hill.

    • Andrew hosted the Upfronts for Univision in 2007. He received rave reviews.

    • Andrew has a daughter and two sons.

    • Andrew has a son named Ian.

    • He has triple citizenship - British, Columbian and American.

    • Andrew is the middle of three children. He has a two-year age difference from both of his brothers.

    • His mother is a short Columbian woman, while his dad is an "absent-minded" Englishman.

    • One fun Kennedy family tradition was the ritual "Tag Sale of Tears" where the most revered possessions (GI Joe Action Figures, Tonka Trucks, Big Wheels, etc.) would be sold before moving to another country.

    • Although the reason for moving so much has never been disclosed, the Kennedys were thought to be "fleeing" in a search for sanctuary, which they finally found in an exclusive New England town.

    • He has performed at hundreds of colleges throughout the United States.

    • Residents of New Canaan did not understand his family and for two months thought Andrew's mother was actually an overly-affectionate maid.

    • Andrew speaks fluent Spanish.

    • Andrew created a pilot for CBS called Related by Marriage. It starred himself and Christa Miller-Lawrence as his wife.

  • Quotes

    • Andrew Kennedy: I'm a storyteller. I tell stories and they're all true.

    • Andrew Kennedy (On genetics): It's like being a messenger - a carrier. Like a UPS guy that holds onto a package for thirty-two years and then hands it off to his second-born.

    • Andrew Kennedy (On his father's athletic ability): Every father-son thing we did, we lost miserably.

    • Andrew Kennedy (On why his family moved so often): Apparently my father got fired a lot. I think you call that "fleeing nations" technically. How badly fired did my dad get for us to go to Hong Kong?

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