Andrew Lee Potts

Andrew Lee Potts


10/29/1979, Bradford, West Yorkshire, UK

Birth Name

Andrew-Lee Potts


  • Abby (Hannah Spearitt), Connor (Andrew L...
  • Connor (Andrew Lee Potts) in season 3, e...
  • Connor (Andrew Lee Potts) in season 3, e...
  • Abby (Hannah Spearitt), Danny Quinn (Jas...
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Andrew-Lee began acting at the age of seven and has appeared in a number of theatrical productions. He has also had a successful television and film career appearing in
The Bunker, Stranded, Band Of Brothers and New Year's Day.
Andrew's twin sister is also an actor, Sarah-Jane Potts.


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    • Andrew-Lee: (on the second series of Primeval) We're in it so much more this year and are so integrated into the storylines that we don't have any time off. You do become a robot. You get six hours' sleep and the rest of it you're working and running and screaming at the top of your voice.

    • Andrew-Lee: (On being cast for Primeval) I just couldn't believe that they cast Connor Temple, the little genius of the group, as some Northern boy from a council estate. I couldn't believe that ITV had gone, yeah, we'll have Andrew-Lee Potts in this. It made me feel really nice.

    • Andrew-Lee: It was great to work with Gary Oldman. He's the reason I became an actor. I grew up doing independent films and I think Gary has made great choices. I try to follow him and look very different in each role, like a chameleon. So I was on Cloud 9 when Dead Fish came through.

    • Andrew-Lee: My mission in life is to out pout James Murray!

    • Andrew-Lee: Through my career I have been lucky enough to have been involved in a lot of independent and quite big stuff, but playing very, very, very serious roles.

    • Andrew-Lee: Acting is a bit of a roller coaster, since I've been 17 it's just been going all over the place, and I've been very lucky. Every time I get a job I still think 'Thank God I'm still working!

    • Andrew-Lee: (on this role in Primeval) I'm the geek chic sex appeal.