Andrew Lincoln

Andrew Lincoln


9/14/1973, Bath

Birth Name

Andrew Clutterbuck


  • Andrew Lincoln in The Walking Dead
  • Andrew Lincoln in The Walking Dead
  • Andrew Lincoln in The Walking Dead
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Despite being born in Hull, Andrew attended Beechen Cliff Secondary school in Bath in Somerset when his family moved south when he was young. He then went on to train at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art.

Andrew's voice is familiar in the UK as he provides voice-overs for…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Andrew Lincoln married Gael Anderson on June 10th 2006. Who is his famous rock star father-in-law?

      None other than Jethro Tull's Ian Anderson.

    • In the 2004 film adaptation of Ian McEwan's novel Enduring Love, Andrew performed along side his Love Actually co-star Bill Nighy.

    • Andrew narrated the documentary No Waste LIke Home in 2005. The show dealt with how to make peoples' homes more environmentally friendly.

    • In 2004, Empire Magazine nominated Andrew for a Best Newcomer award for his performance as Mark in Richard Curtisis' film Love Actually.

    • In 1999, Andrew narrated the documentary Mersey Blues

    • In 2000, Andrew played Maxie King in the film Gangster No.1, a tale about an East End gangster.

    • Andrew was the best man at This Life co-star Jack Davenport's wedding.

    • Andrew's father is a civil engineer and his mother is a nurse.

    • In 2004 Andrew narrated the documentary The Search For Speed, about Ella MacArthur the youngest person and fastest woman to sail solo around the world.

    • Andrew attended the filming of ITV's An Audience with Elton John in 1997.

    • Andrew is a supporter of Shelter, the British charity for the homeless.

    • Andrew's mother is South African. However, she left the country to escape its racist apartheid policies.

    • Andrew starred in the 2003 BBC adaptation of Geoffrey Chaucer's classic, The Man of Law's Tale

    • In 2004, Andrew narrated Being Positive, a two part documentary on AIDS.

    • Andrew directs as well as acts. In 2004, he was nominated for a BAFTA award in the category of Best New Director for two episodes of the Channel Four hit show Teachers.

    • In 1997, Andrew played the character of Walter in a television adaptation of Wilkie Collins' classic novel The Woman In White.

    • Andrew plays Jamie in the 2006 film Scenes of a Sexual Nature opposite Ewan McGregor (Trainspotting, Moulin Rouge and Star Wars.)

    • Andrew's first television appearance was in 1994 when he guest starred in an episode of the Channel Four newsroom comedy Drop The Dead Donkey.

    • Referring to his voluntary work in Ghana:
      Andrew:It was an amazing trip, it changed my life. It was beautiful, really extraordinary.

    • In 2001, Andrew went to Ghana for a month with Voluntary Services Overseas to experience how volunteers and development agencies work first hand.

    • Andrew is a supporter of the international NGO, Voluntary Services Overseas.

  • Quotes

  • From Lincoln to Texas.

    You're a brit speaking in American accent. that itself is hard enough.

    so enough said.

    please stay in TWD.

  • Original character builder.

    His work is different, not only because of his choices when it comes to the projects he will participate in, but because of the endearing conviction with which he depicts his characters. However lost or amoral they may be at times, thanks to his performance, they come across as having the atmost faith in their life decisions, regardless of the consequences, and that gives them a seductiveness hard to achieve. It's difficult not to be captivaded by the emotive, sensuous approach he has to acting, where the tactile quality of his emotions regarding those surrounding him and his own motivations has the most bewitching effect on his audience.moreless