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  • From Lincoln to Texas.

    You're a brit speaking in American accent. that itself is hard enough.

    so enough said.

    please stay in TWD.

  • Original character builder.

    His work is different, not only because of his choices when it comes to the projects he will participate in, but because of the endearing conviction with which he depicts his characters. However lost or amoral they may be at times, thanks to his performance, they come across as having the atmost faith in their life decisions, regardless of the consequences, and that gives them a seductiveness hard to achieve. It's difficult not to be captivaded by the emotive, sensuous approach he has to acting, where the tactile quality of his emotions regarding those surrounding him and his own motivations has the most bewitching effect on his audience.
  • Andrew Lincoln is a wonderful person, and I hope we see more from this very promising actor. He played a beautiful role in Afterlife with co-star Lesley sharp. Well done, Andrew. We hope to see you return in another Afterlife episode. Go

    I think Andrew Lincoln is a very talented actor. In my opinion, he played an excellent part in Afterlife and bounced off wonderfully from his co-star Lesley Sharp. I don\'t know what it is, but Andrew has such a relaxed and natural approach to television. Well done Andrew, and here\'s to more future success with your work. I hope we see another series of Afterlife which got us all guessing.

    Good luck and God Bless

    Philip Kinsella - Bedfordshire
  • Bring him back!!!!

    Such a superb actor loved by all. Especially his appearance in Teachers as Simon Casey.
    I especially loved him in Love Actually. Such a romantic... although shy.
    He is a very intelligent, handsome and a much loved actor.
    I hope to him on the screen some more in TV shows as well as films.