Andrew McFarlane (I)

Andrew McFarlane (I)


6/6/1951, Albany, Western Australia, Australia

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    • Andrew: (On the trials and tribulations of filming The Flying Doctors) I hate early rising, but we have to get up at 5 a.m. and then stand in the freezing cold and frost in shirt-sleeves and pretend we're having a good time in the outback while some sadist sprays you with water and then turns it to ice with a wind machine. But I suppose everything has a good side. Because we're all maniacs on The Flying Doctors they whip maximum performance from us. On most productions, you get to shoot about four minutes a day of usable footage. We do nine and ten minutes. We've almost got to like it. There's a terrible sado-masochistic element in actors, and unfortunately producers and directors know it … and prey on it!

    • Andrew: (On his character Dr. Tom Callaghan) He's a well-rounded character. He makes mistakes. He's impatient and he gets frustrated and he hates being in the outback. He's not that sympathetic to begin with, although I think I could have played him more anti-sympathetic. I probably should have.

    • Andrew: (On his childhood ambitions) As a kid I didn't think of becoming an actor, there were much more important things to consider: a life as a missionary for instance; an explorer, a doctor, an Egyptologist, a diplomat, an army officer, a magician.

    • Andrew: (Describing himself) Imaginative, forgetful, willing to give anything a go.

    • Andrew: (On his role on The Flying Doctors) The whole series to me was a bit like what I watched on tv and growing up with in a way; adventurish, very Australian, because it was set in the Outback. It was doctors and, you know, action in flying and action into the rescuing people. It had a great combination of the hard and the ordinary stuff.

  • It seems as though Andrew McFarlane has been on Australian screens for ever.

    The first time I saw Andrew McFarlane was when he played the long-running role of John Sullivan in the epic Australian series "The Sullivans", which was a huge hit in the 1970s. Following that, this outstanding actor played Dr. Tom Callahan in the excellent series "The Flying Doctors". This role really made Andrew a household name and has kept him in the psyche of Australians ever since.

    Lead roles as a guest star in many Australian dramas such as "Halifax f.p" (with his former "Flying Doctors" co-star, Rebecca Gibney) as well as cameo appearances in such things as "The Day of the Roses".

    A graduate of NIDA, Andrew's skills have continued to impress Australian audiences for many years and will no doubt continue to do so.moreless
  • Andrew McFarlane is one of Australia's best known and most versatile actors, best known around the world as Dr. Tom Callaghan on the long-running drama series "The Flying Doctors."

    Andrew McFarlane is one of those versatile, timeless actors who has successfully balanced a career in theatre, television and film for over 30 years. Best known to fans around the globe as Dr. Tom Callaghan on one of Australia's most successful TV series to date, "The Flying Doctors," McFarlane has also dazzled audiences with his performances in thrillers such as "Little White Lies" and "Halixfax: Acts of Betrayal."

    Whether he plays a doctor, a politician, a scientist or a suicidal psychologist, McFarlane always delivers an emotional, believable and engaging performance.

    Fans who have met McFarlane all witness of a funny, charming and genuinely kind man.moreless