Andrew O'Keefe

Andrew O'Keefe


10/1/1971, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

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Andrew O'Keefe, born in New South Wales, Australia is a TV personality who has successfully hosted many events and shows for Channel Seven. As of 2009, Andrew's most famous show is most likely the Australian version of Deal Or No Deal, in which he has hosted every single episode of so far.more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Andrew is the chairman of the National Leadership Group of White Ribbon Day, a day to help stop violence against women.

    • Along with Rebecca De Unamuno, a good friend, Andrew won the 'Improv World Championships' in Canada.

    • As of 2007, Andrew has been nominated for two Logie Awards in his career. They were for 'Best New Male Talent' and 'Most Popular Presenter'.

    • Andrew co-hosted both the 2005 TV Week Logie Awards, the Australian version of the Emmy's, and Australia Unites, a televised fundraiser for Asia shortly after the 2004 tsunami, with Eddie McGuire and Rove McManus.

    • Andrew previously worked with a Sydney law firm as a property lawyer. This ended after he realized his ongoing passion for acting and presenting.

    • In his adolescence, Andrew was very actively involved with theatre sports.

    • Andrew attended St Ignatius' College, Riverview.

    • Andrew confesses that he loves to shop for women's clothes for his wife.

    • Andrew and wife, Eleanor, have two children: Barnaby James and Rory Ignatius.

    • Andrew describes himself as a 'people person'. His biggest ambition for the future is acting in movies.

    • Andrew's father is prominent Sydney judge, Barry O'Keefe. His mother is Jan O'Keefe. Andrew is the fourth of five children.

    • Andrew is the nephew of the legendary music icon Johnny O'Keefe. Just like his uncle, Andrew is a very talented singer and has sung on various Channel 7 events and at the TV Week Logie Awards.

  • Quotes

    • Andrew: (where he sees himself in 10 years) I have, presumably, another 35 years left of my working career, and in that time I'd love to host other styles of shows, I'd love to act, perform and produce music, sit on the boards of arts foundations…

    • Andrew: (on balancing work and his family life) It's tricky! I live in Sydney but film predominantly in Melbourne, on average three days a fortnight. I have friends who work in banks and law firms who leave their homes at 7am and they're not back until 7pm. I see my family all day, half the time, and we get to spend a lot of special time together.

    • Andrew: I was in a bar before Christmas, chatting on the phone - to my dearest friend who lives in England - and this drunk kept butting saying, "I've got to talk to you about Deal." I said, "Give me five minutes and I'll be with you". He walked off and didn't come back and I read in the paper the next morning, "Game-show grinch spoils Christmas for revellers".

    • Andrew: I have a skip-bin mind for trivia. I'm also one of those egotistical people ho thinks he knows everything.

    • Andrew: I don't want to be a 50-year-old game-show host.

    • Andrew: (talking about Deal or No Deal) People tell me it's very addictive and I am thinking of setting up a counselling group to help people get over it. They might have to watch endless repeats of The New Price is Right or something like that.

    • Andrew: (on being one of the nation's most kissed men) When I first got the job, Larry Emdur said, 'Be prepared!' He should know - he's received more kisses than Hugh Grant.

    • Andrew: (on what's normally on his desk) Generally, there's a half-eaten chocolate. Quite often, there's a bottle of wine sent from a fan or a network executive. There's a picture of Louis Armstrong and, currently - through no fault of my own - there seems to be a lingerie calendar.

  • Andrew does a great job of hosting Deal Or No Deal, but I'd much rather see him get back into tv comedy. So come on Channel Seven, give him a new (comedy) show.moreless

    I completely agree with fallingashes17, Andrew is just so wonderful to watch, he does a great job hosting Deal Or No Deal.

    Even though I like him on DOND, I really think that he's in his prime doing comedy, and would wish that channel Seven would open up some doors for him. He is a great help to their ratings after all, with making DOND so fun to watch that it even broke 1 million viewers once.

    Aswell as being the host of DOND, he also co-hosts the weekend verion of Sunrise, and while the tone of Sunrise is generally more serious than that of DOND, he still manages to get you to laugh.

    I'm sure Andrew will continue to do a great job hosting DOND, though I hope he gets back into tv comedy sometime soon.

    Oh yeah, he's pretty hot too. ;)moreless
  • Andrew O\'keefe is the greatest game show host out.

    As you may already know, Andrew O\'keefe is the host of Deal or No Deal. He has also made appearances on Rove live and some celebity spelling show.

    Deal or No Deal is exciting because Andy makes it exciting. He is the worlds best host and his quick witt and funny antics allow the show to be as successful as it is.

    No really point in this really... spreading the word on Australian talent.moreless