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  • I am upset and depressed I don't know what to do..........

    My daughter will be married June 20, 2015 (my birthday). I've lost a son and my Mother within 3 years and my oldest son got married, but, I couldn't attend it so my daughter's wedding is my last chance. I have everything I need (because of friends) and I'm disabled. I lack the one thing that saddens me the most: a smile. I have one tooth left on my upper jaw and if I can't smile at the wedding, I don't want to go. I've tried everything I can and can't afford to replace my upper teeth. Please help me. I don't care about my lower teeth or even molars, I just want a smile for one day. I don't know what else to do so here I am asking your help.moreless
  • I'd rather be dealing with wrinkles rather than acne at my age.

    Dear Dr. Ordon,

    At age 50, I had a mini facelift followed by a laser procedure, I am now 71. 20 years ago, the laser that was used was such a deep penetrating laser that it looked like I had a 3rd degree burn all over my face. Well, not all over because the doctor did my forehead, but went just to the outer corners of my eyes and down to my chin ending about 3" from my ears, in an oval shape. My face blew up to the size of a large pumpkin, which scared the hell out of my cousin, who was caring for me, but the doctor said that was normal. This also gave me a two toned skin as the lasered area was much lighter than the rest of my face.

    As a teenager I never had acne and prior to the laser, as an adult my skin was beautifully clear and normal, not oily not dry. A couple of weeks after the laser I woke up one morning to find what I thought was measles. The portion of my face that had been lasered had totally broken out, and to this day I struggle with having to control acne. That area is always practically dripping oil. I have been using Benzaclin and retin A for the past 20 years and recently started wiping my face a couple of time a day with witch hazel hoping to dry up the oil, to no avail.

    I also cannot use any makeup to cover the blemishes as nothing will adhere to the lasered area. I'm so tired of having to constantly be treating the acne and not being able to cover it up that I hate to go out. At this poit in my life I'd rather be dealing with wrinkles and not acne. Is there any treatment that can be done to dry up the oil?