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  • I just really hate my body and can't do anything about it . I love your show and how wonderful you make people feel about themselves..

    hi Dr. Ordaon, I know you might say that i am to old to worry about what I look like, but I am 59 and feel and do things like i am in my 30's . I wanted to tell you that My dad died in 1991 and my mom just couldn't or didn't want to be alone so i moved her in with me in 1994, I took care of her for 10 years. I didn't date anyone all that time,after my mom died I met a guy and thought i would be with him forever, he ended up being abusive and i had to leave. I have been divored for almost four years and haven't dated anyone and have had 7 surgerys in these 4 years so that is why i can't see anyone because my body looks so bad , i just can't bring myself to get involved with anyone and i want too. I am just so ashamed of how my body looks and wish i could do something about it but can't afford it... I see your show all the time and see the work you do. i wouldn't let anyone do anything to me but you... think about it .. please I love the work you do and how you treat people and i love that. thank you for listeningmoreless
  • shamed of my body and how do i contact the show.

    age 43, single mom with three kids for 16 years. fat most of my life. married a wonderful man who i am very happy with for over 5 years now. my question is i have sagging breast, sagging belly and fat legs. i have a bad back and i am unable to exicise.i am ashamed of being naked in front of my husband. i can't afford plastic surgery which is my dream. so how can i change my appearence to look good for my hushand and not ashamed of myself. what advise or help can you give me to make me feel good about myself and my body. candymoreless