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  • oh my god!!! i could see the resemblence between noah (yu-gi-oh) james (pokemon) and Dren (mew mew power) so quickly it was amazing!!!! but ojnly today i found out that they were all the same tanlented guy!!

    he is really talented, he can do so many different voices it's not funny, me and my best friend always used to try and mimic james's laugh (i little high pitched giggle)but we could never do it as well as him. but the resemblence between noah and drens voice is more than noticable - and cute, that's why i say it's charming, it's soirt of like " the cute little guy's have gone evil" and that's what i love about anime. he should do more work in anime because he's the reason that the bad guy just seem so good, i probably wouldn't watch the show if all i could here was a gr4umble coming from the character's mouths
  • Great voice, bad english accent.

    He does a great job at playing Noah on Yu-Gi-Oh. He really captures Noah's life of having no friends and spending an eternity in cyberspace. He does an okay job at playing Len on Shaman King. He could have played Len great if he didn't give Len an english accent. When I imagined Len without that english accent, he sounds so much better. On Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, I am hoping that Andrew (without his english accent) or J.T. Ross will play Manjyome.