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  • Amazing

    This guy was truly amazing in Star trek deep space 9(as garak).

    Props to the writing for his character as well, would certainly not be the same without enough cunningly writing.

    but his execution of his role was superbly done. And such a joy to watch him say anything:). Cause whatever that comes out of his mouth its never what it hears & seem to be. I realy like all the nice touches to evrything this character has. Like if 2 people talk he always observe and memorize peoples reaction, thats what these kind of people do. Always think many step forward and memorize reaction and action to manipulate and form people to benefit themself or even others. No actor could have done this role as good as he did. Something i always missed in Movies/shows is that nobody is cunning enough to see things as i see(i know it sounds cocky but bear with me)in real life mainly but tv as well.
    Maybe cause few people could actualy write such a cunning script. I was shocked on so many occations where i said something out loud or thinking something when watching garak(dp9) suddly a few seconds later he repeated exactly what i was thinking or said(wich most other people at least would never even thought about it.)And that has never happend to me before to such a huge extend.

    I realy reqnoize myself a lot in the character Garak, although im not proud of it. sry for poor english though.