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    • Andrew Robinson: (on how 'Dirty Harry' impacted his career)
      It gave me a career and it effectively ended a certain part of my career at the same time ... it ended a film career because of film and the nature of film and the big screen and the power of the image on the big screen. It has such an effect on people. In the business, once you get associated with a character as defining and as strong as the Scorpio Killer. People don't want to hire you for the good guy, for the poet, for the dad, for the sympathetic character. And therefore they'll hire you for the heavy, but even then, I was so identified with that one particular heavy because that particular kind of psychopathic killer was the first of it's kind really. You had Richard Bismark, harbingers of that character, but that was really the first post-modern psycho-killer with no motivation, no history, no background; just out there doing unspeakable things. So the only thing I got offered was more of that. So when I started turning down those, because there are only so many of those the human psyche and nervous system can take. Then that was it. And I went back to theater. And thank god there was television.