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    • Andrew Robinson: (on his favorite episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) There's one episode called "The Wire" where Garak is — being an operative, a secret agent within the Obsidian Order — has this mechanism that they call a wire placed in his brain. Basically, what it is simply is that if he's ever caught, and if he's tortured, this wire would then trip off the endorphins that would transmute the pain of the torture into pleasure. Well, Garak then gets addicted to this, the way any addict would become addicted to a drug, and basically Bashir saves his life and sees him through a cold-turkey process. But in that process, Garak is emotionally at the edge, and is spewing forth all these variations of stories and so forth. No one knows the truth, which story is true, but that's Garak. No one ever knows. It was a fabulous episode, and it was beautifully written by this guy, Robert Hewitt Wolfe, who wrote for several years for the show. The other episodes that I really liked a lot — there was a two-parter, where Odo and Garak set out to find Enabran Tain, who was the head of the Obsidian Order, and who eventually turns out to be Garak's father. "Improbable Cause" and ... I can't remember the name of the other one. It's a two-parter I really liked a lot. The "Doctor Bashir, I Presume," the James Bond spoof that we did, that was a lot of fun. It was hellacious to film, because I probably spent more hours in that makeup on that show than any other show. The show was a bear. They really were trying to make a James Bond movie, but it was an enormous amount of fun. And I thought that Winrich Kolbe, the director, did a wonderful job on it. Unfortunately, we ran afoul of the James Bond people, and we were going to do a lot of those, but that was the one and only.