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Andrew Savage

Andrew Savage


7/29/1963, Utica, New York

Birth Name

Andrew M. Savage


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Trivia and Quotes

  • Andrew Savage-The leader of Morgan

    With true determination, Morgan manages to tie with Drake with 5 members each. It's too bad that this hot lawyer didn't last long. Andrew is so hot and he's strong. He managed to help Morgan win the next 3 immunities. Though his nudity did disturb me, I still don't really care. He's a 45 year old guy who is married. Savage, is from the Pearl Islands and wow, what a suit he was wearing before he traded it off at the Panamanian market. He could've stayed longer if it wasn't for Lill jumping shifts. I guess Andrew should've at least get to know Lill so, she wouldn't eliminate him. Andrew you rock!moreless
  • Liked at first before getting arrogant and cocky

    I used to like Andrew at first as he was

    An effective leader as well as being really likable but

    He really made me dislike him when he became so arrogant

    And cocky. Also was responsible for Lillian being voted out of the game the first time!

    Glad that he was gone as Lillian really thought that he was and is responsible for her being gone!

    Way to go Lillian for getting back at Andy boy!moreless