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    • Hayley and Andrew broke up in late 2007. Andrew called an end to the relationship and moved out of the apartment the couple shared in Southbank, Melbourne. He moved into his new home in South Melbourne in January 2008.

    • Hayley and Andrew both changed their surnames following Big Brother. Hayley changed from Zalewski to Luscott, while Andrew changed from Temmet to Halas.

    • Andrew appeared in a commercial for MacLeans toothpaste that aired throughout the early part of 2007.

    • Andrew was the eleventh housemate to be evicted from Big Brother in 2007. He was evicted with a percentage of 24% in a double eviction which saw him leave the house with fellow house-mate, Thomas.

    • While in the Big Brother house, Andrew won the Friday Night Games a total of three times, and finished runner-up once. This made him the most successful FNL player in the history of the Australian series.

    • Andrew won Friday Night Live for the second time on day 34 in the house, and he took runner-up Thomas into the rewards room with him.

    • Andrew was accepted into the Army, but told his father he wasn't because he didn't want to be a soldier.

    • Andrew was the third person to win Friday Night Live and took Travis into the rewards room.

    • Andrew and Hayley's secret relationship in the Big Brother house was revealed to their fellow housemates after a week, closely followed by the revelation that Hayley's ex-boyfriend Billy, was also in the house. After Big Brother asked the housemates to work out who was in a relationship in the house, only three of the housemates managed to work it our correctly. Andrew initially thought the revelation of Billy's relationship with Hayley was a joke, before realising it was the truth and giving him a good-natured hug.

    • On the 2007 season opener of the Australian series of Big Brother, Andrew described himself as confident and tidy, and revealed he could not get along with lazy and messy people.

    • Andrew stated the thing he would miss the most whilst in the Big Brother house in 2007 was his puppy.

    • Andrew entered the 2007 Big Brother house as part of the 'secret couple'. His girlfriend of twelve months, Hayley, was also in the house. Their mission given to them by producers was to keep their relationship a secret for two weeks, after which time, they would be outed by Big Brother. If they failed to keep their relationship unknown, one of them would face eviction. Hayley's ex-boyfriend, Billy, was also sent into the house, surprising her as she had no prior knowledge of the event. Hayley and Andrew passed their challenge and won $50,000 to add to the final prize money.

    • Andrew's occupation at the time of entering the Big Brother house was as a fire fighter. In May 2007, while Andrew was in the house, rumours emerged that he might lose his job after lying to his bosses about why he needed the time off. He had told bosses and co-workers that he was going overseas.

    • As at April 2007, Andrew resides in Victoria, Australia.

  • Quotes

    • Andrew: (on his break-up with Hayley Zalewski in 2007) We had our troubles before going into the house. We both knew it wasn't working out and needed one person to make the final call. I guess Big Brother played a part in the end, and not being able to get back to anything good... There's definitely no third party. I'm not really connected to the showbiz world. I don't even see anyone from BB any more.

    • Andrew: (on life following "Big Brother") It's been good, it's been exhausting. My last appearance was yesterday in Western Australia. So it's a bit of a relief to have it all done, as nice as it is to go round and say hi to all those people who are so appreciative of your time in the House and of Big Brother and who are Big Brother fans, it's just nice to meet them.

    • Andrew: (on fellow "Big Brother" Daniela Da Silva Pola posing nude) I heard Daniela is doing a nude shoot for Zoo which is a bit bizarre considering she said she would never do anything like that, regardless of how much money she was offered. I thought that was strange. But apart from that, not much else.

    • Andrew: (on the relationship between his fellow "Big Brother" housemates, Thomas Haynes & Susannah Murray) Oh, I'm sort of a bit mixed about it. I feel so sorry for the others who are involved, like Murphy, Susannah's ex, especially after what Susannah said about it in the House. They were together for six weeks prior and all she ever really talked about was Murphy and how good things were going to be when she got out, and now for her to be out and it to be over between them, I really feel for the guy. I mean those two; they're really well suited to one another. Who knows whether it's going to last or what's going to happen there, but you know, all the best to them.

    • Andrew: It's called a dumbwaiter because it doesn't speak to you.

    • Andrew: The people that Hayley got on better with in the [Big Brother] house were Susannah, Jamie and Thomas, all those guys, and Hayley was my bridge between both groups. As much as I rated everyone as highly as one another, when Hayley left, that bridge was broken and I just ended up spending most of my time with my mates in the house.

    • Andrew: (asked if he was playing the game in the "Big Brother" house) I was just being true to myself. I'm the same bloke now as I was in there. The only people who have said I was playing the game, were people who were playing the game themselves and were maybe threatened by who I was in the house.

    • Andrew: (asked if he thought Billy and Aleisha were using their relationship as a way to stay in the house) No way. They're two people who just don't care about that sort of thing. I don't see Aleisha playing a game or using it in anyway. I think they've just got a connection.

    • Andrew: (on what Hayley's reaction was to his time in the "Big Brother" house) She said she doesn't get much sleep at all. She's been through every little bit of footage that's been recorded on her little LG phone and she's just going crazy, but she's very proud of my time in the house.

    • Andrew: (on who he thinks will win the 7th season of "Big Brother") I think Aleisha will win. Australia loves her, by the sound of it. Everyone in the house just rates her so highly.

    • Andrew: (asked if he could do it again, would he have gone into the "Big Brother" house as a couple) Definitely. It didn't worry me that I felt disadvantaged at any point. I wasn't in there to win and I wasn't thinking 'I'm going to go in there as a couple to further my experience'. It wasn't that at all. We went in there to have a bit of fun. We've learnt a lot about one another and our relationship and if we could do it again, we'd both do it the same way.

    • Andrew: (asked if he was upset to be evicted from "Big Brother") No. I'm actually quite glad to be out. I think my time was up. I've had an awesome nine weeks and I could just feel myself getting over it a bit. There's a couple of personalities in the house who are making it a not very nice place to live. Michelle and Daniela. I found it hard to be around those people, especially with Daniela having the power this week. I thought if I was going to be there it was going to be a very difficult place to live.

    • Andrew: I'd say I'm a very loving and caring guy and I guess some might even say a romantic. I'm a very selfless person and enjoy putting myself out for others. I have the ability to bring out sides of people others maybe don't. I have inherited my father's 'old man' humour.